Japanese edamame Healthy snacks

Japanese edamame Healthy snacks.  Considere as a nutritious snack And many benefits plus low energy. Suitable for weight control range.

Have you ever had the time to walk to the supermarket during weight loss? Want to find a snack to eat, cure loneliness? When choosing a snack, the bag contains too much sodum and fat. Walking in circles, how do you choose? But do you know that the fact that in the supermarket, there are still snacks that are considered to be super healthy food. That is suitable for people losing weight That is rich in many benefits. Plus, chew, chew, and chew it apart, that is, ” Japanese edamame “.

What is the difference between Thai edamame and edamame?

Green Soybean, or Edamame (ภาษ 豆) in Japanese, is well known among Chinese people. And Japanese people for a thousand years And began to come to be known by the Thai people, along with receiving the Japanese food culture In fact, Thais have eaten edamame for a long time. 

Thai traditional edamame Is a young soybean pod that still has a green color Steamed or boiled and sprinkled with a pinch of salt to taste. But with edamame, Thai soybeans are young pods of soybeans that can be used to extract vegetable oils or to make protein extracts. It is a species whose seeds are small and relatively hard, tasteless. There is also a season when the beans are grown only, thus the popularity of eating edamame in Thailand gradually fades, while the edamame of Japan.Is considered a very popular food It is the staple food of the Japanese home. 

Therefore, soybean cultivars have been improved to have pods and seeds twice as large as normal peas, having a sweeter flavor and softer grains. Yield all year round To be used especially for eating young pods When the product has been obtained It is cleaned and frozen for distribution and also helps to preserve the freshness of the edamame. Therefore, no matter when you buy edamame. Good edamame must always be green.

Benefits of Japanese shortbread

Japanese edamame, or fresh soybeans, is a relatively inexpensive source of protein compared to eating beef. Have high nutritional value Low in energy and fat There are a variety of vitamins that are essential to the body. ABCK contains minerals that the body needs such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, folase and beta-carotene. It is also high in fiber, which can help reduce constipation. Which nutrients mentioned above are nutrients that help increase the immune system and reduce the risk of many diseases.

Rich in healthy fats

One cup of Japanese edamame provides approximately 8 grams of fat, which is about 3 grams of polyunsaturated fatty acids, the unsaturated fat found in soybeans. It reduces the risk of heart disease. It also contains omega-3s that can help reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis as well. By the amount of fat that is suitable for consumption of the general public per day Should consume no more than 25-35% of the energy from food your body needs per day.

Japanese edamame and weight loss period

With the delicious taste, easy to eat edamame, Japanese Plus rich in protein Numerous minerals and vitamins suitable for weight loss. Half-cup edamame also contains 9 grams of fiber, which is equal to the fiber content of four whole wheat breads and the fiber content of about 4 cups of steamed zucchini. This fiber will help you feel full faster, longer, and stay on the stomach without too much energy.

There are also many recipes that suggest eating edamame instead of meat. For gout patients Because it can reduce uric acid And as a substitute for meat protein for non-meat eaters or vegetarians as well. But not that many benefits are seen and will be able to eat at will Japanese edamame, in half the size of the soybeans, still provides approximately 13 grams of carbohydrates, which must be mindful of eating as well. Because the more you eat, the more it. The more you chew, the more enjoyable. May cause the brakes to break more than you can possibly eat.