How Oral cavity is important

Oral health is important to the health of the body. Because teeth and gums are essential to chewing food. Oral cleaning is an essential tool to help keep the bacteria in your mouth in balance. Helps reduce the occurrence of problems within the oral cavity.
Oral health is important to the health of the body. Because teeth and gums are essential to chewing food, the source of energy that the body needs. Must be exposed to stimuli that cause the bacteria in the oral cavity to lose balance Causes of oral problems, including tooth decay, gum disease, tartar, plaque, which is the source of bad breath.

Oral cleaning is an essential tool to help keep bacteria in your mouth in balance. Maintain and increase the number of good bacteria And reduce the amount of bacteria that cause disease.

Choose products for oral care Like Advanced Probiotic toothpaste and natural extracts Help with integrated oral care Balance bacteria in the mouth, reduce problems, prevent and nourish the internal organs of the oral cavity. In conjunction with proper brushing It will be able to help clean the oral cavity. 

Oral cavity is the first defense of the body.

Oral health is important And requires attention and care The mouth is the doorway to good health. At the same time, oral problems can cause systemic health problems such as caries in young children. It may affect development, learning and growth, or loss of teeth in adults and not supplementing or wearing dentures will distort tooth shape. Have problems with chewing The digestive system has to work hard. Indigestion problems, bloating, gastritis, or people who are unable to chew fiber-rich foods like fruits and vegetables. And eat foods like flour and sugar instead It increases risk factors for diabetes. There was a nutritional problem.

Tooth loss can also have negative effects on mental health. To the beauty of the face And poor oral health, tooth decay, gum disease Have bad breath yet Causing lack of confidence in socializing.

Source .. , oral problems From the loss of the balance of bacteria

Oral health problems are numerous, including dental caries, gingivitis, plaque, tartar and bad breath. Which is found in most people And affect the lifespan of almost all ages.

These oral problems are mainly caused by the imbalance of bacteria in the mouth. Containing more than 300 strains of bacteria, which are both good bacteria And pathogenic bacteria When the number of bad bacteria is high With food residues left on the teeth and oral cavity Or maintaining the cleanliness of the oral cavity As a result, acidic conditions within the oral cavity, halitosis, the accumulation of plaque and tartar, causing gingivitis. And spread to tooth decay Until you lose your teeth at all.

Holistic oral health care

Teeth and gums have one set. Damaged, can not be replaced or replaced, however, it is not the same. Therefore, oral health care is very important. We can take care of oral health by

  • Maintain serious oral hygiene. Brush your teeth and brush your tongue after each meal. Or rinse your mouth with mouthwash
  • Regularly use dental floss to remove plaque, bacteria and food debris around your teeth.
  • Drink lots of water to keep your mouth moist. And to help dilute the acidity in the oral cavity
  • Avoid drinking tea, coffee or other beverages. That cause bad breath Including not smoking
  • Always visit the dentist regularly or at least every 6 months to check. And maintain oral health.

Good brushing can help reduce oral problems.

Tooth brushing is intended to clean the oral cavity. Removes food residues, removes and controls dental plaque. Refreshing It is considered a means of preventing dental caries, gum disease and various oral problems. Effectively

Should brush your teeth at least twice a day or after every meal by brushing and scrubbing all the teeth on all sides of the tooth. Massage the gum area, both outside and inside, with a brushing time of at least 2-3 minutes. Choose a toothbrush that is suitable for the shape of your mouth. The bristles are not too stiff. Once used, the brush must be kept clean and dry. So as not to be a source of pathogens And regularly change toothbrushes.

Toothpaste one of the oral care products.

Toothpaste is also important. Not only used to scrub to create bubbles, aroma or good taste. But a good toothpaste Must be involved in inhibiting the occurrence of bad bacteria that cause disease And maintain the balance of good bacteria in the oral cavity Regulate the acidity in the mouth. And must be free from foreign matter By choosing the right toothpaste for our oral cavity Read the label to make a decision. And check the manufacturing date and expiration date of toothpaste before every purchase.

Which toothpaste on the market also has a lot to choose from Toothpaste with a mixture of Advance Probiotic and natural extracts. Considered as one option Helping to fulfill the efficiency of our brushing for a complete and integrated result.