The strong woman in Bermuda

Sherbrooke artist Dominique Claire Gagnon – alias Bermuda – launched her first homonymous mini album last April, in the midst of a pandemic, in the hope “to do good, to bring something positive into the tide of pocket things. happening right now ”.
With his songs halfway between pop, funk and rap music, the 28-year-old artist creates catchy choruses that make you want to dance, accompanied by lyrics that are as funny as they are thoughtful.

“I like it that people sing, embark, dance, and that afterwards, when they start to think and listen to the words, they realize that I denounce things”, explains Dominique, who describes himself as “artist engaged by the band ”

Self-confidence, body positivism and sexism are the recurring themes of the record, particularly in the hit piece Beach bodé, which can be heard on several radio stations.

“I really went for the idea of ​​the strong woman that I am and a bit of the extreme of the strong and comely woman that I want to be, mixing with the fantastic of Bermuda and the festive spirit of the beach , surfing, ”notes the psychoeducator by training.

Multiple horizons

Bermuda inspiration does not come from nowhere, as it was there that the singer-songwriter was born. She subsequently grew up in Dublin, Ireland, and then moved to Lévis as a teenager. She then lived in Bolivia, the Magdalen Islands, Montreal and Granby, during her time at the National School of Song, before settling in Sherbrooke, where she just bought a home with her boyfriend.

“I think being born somewhere else, being brought up on planes, the adaptation that it takes and being on the move all the time, all of that made it essential for me. I have to move, ”admits Bermuda, who plans to go and write in the Magdalen Islands for a few weeks in September,“ a question of changing air and putting together the notes, the rhymes, the words by – here and there to put them in songs for a second album ”.

“The second album will be in the same vein, but I always want to push further”, expresses the one who thinks maybe to include more rap and commitment in her songs, while keeping the side “personal stories, strong women and festive universe ”.

The artist, who “self-produces, self-manages and self-automates” will enter the studio in January 2021 to be ready to go on tour next summer.

“I am super proud to have come to where I am all alone with my team, and to think that it is me who is leading this project,” concludes Dominique.

At the song festival and at UdeS

On August 19, Bermuda will participate in the semi-final of the Festival international de la chanson de Granby (FICG) virtually.

She will also be visiting the Université de Sherbrooke (where she completed her bachelor’s degree in psychoeducation) on September 1, at noon, as part of the Back to School Show.

” It’s really cool! It’s still something I’ve been aiming for in my life for a long time. I thought it would be really fun to do a show on my campus, and I worked hard to make it work, ”Bermuda says.