Celeste Barber and the parodies of photos of models who laugh out loud on social networks

Humor was traditionally a space colonized by men. The fashion editorials of the magazines. For their part, were taken over by women with firm, long and ultra-thin bodies that escape the general rule.
In those two fields, Celeste Barber bursts in, breaking down the doors and without apologizing. The 38-year-old Australian comedian, actress. Also author who shakes up social media with her parodies (or tributes?) Of the impossible poses we get used to seeing as normal.

Alessandra Ambrosio sticks out her tongue while drinking a stream of water, and she looks perfect. At her side Celeste shows how this pose would look on her, a swollen double chin, a laughable grimace, as a dress a leather jacket that reveals the rolls. The soft thighs and the wide torso that fashion editors would not usually choose for. their specials.

The result, more than 370,000 likes in Celeste’s photo, and the comment of Alessandra Ambrosio herself: “I love him”, followed by applause.

You’re basically not that famous if you haven’t been on an episode of The Simpsons. If you haven’t been parodied by Celeste, it could be the measure.

This is known to the transgender super model Giselle Lazzatato. Better known as ‘Gigi’, who poses – as if her back did not hurt – on the bars metal of a yacht, while sunbathing, held only by the neck.

Celeste, on the other hand, imitating the same pose, screams in pain and her face shows a gesture of torture.

Her body about to fall and supported by her arms, makes a huge effort in a bikini that highlights the bulging of the hips and waist. The result, more than 750,000 “likes” on Celeste’s photo and Gigi’s comment: “I love you.”

She is not only loved by parodied models and ordinary women who see her as inspiration.

“Through her parodies the humorist has put her finger on the wound and has awakened the conscience of many women. This is key to start changing paradigms ”.Pilar Luna Editor and expert in fashion history.
Quite a speech without words, that is the magic of Celeste. Who does not need pastorals but rather the hashtag “celestechallengeaccepted” to send her message. One that is in tune with the whole wave of vindication of the diversity of bodies, forms, ages, sizes.

This global movement puts pressure on designers, publishers, photographers, media, brands, advertisers.

All those who have the mass representation of the female body in their hands. To push them to broaden the spectrum and make room for standardization. curves, variety of body weights and shapes, cellulite, full waists, short sizes, thick arms, etc.

or the journalist and fashion editor Pilar Luna. Who has been at the forefront of magazines such as Infashion and Fucsia. “formats like those proposed by Celeste Barber, original, fun and full of messages, work very well to connect with the thousands of women who they feel identified. The world is changing . It is time to assume that many of the recognized. Fashion magazines have contributed to the discrimination against fat women ”.The anti ‘it-girl’ Celeste and her husband.

Celeste and her husband, imitating model Naomi Campbell and company.

Celeste was a dancer for 15 years, so she knows closely the pressure of trying to fit into an artistic discipline. That expects certain very predetermined and rare characteristics from bodies.

As an actress, she participated in various television series in her country, in plays and several films. But where she feels most comfortable is in front of a ‘stand up comedy’ audience. There, this Taurus married to Api Robin, better known as “Hothusband” on Instagram, is seen as a fish in water.

Her husband accompanies Celeste in some parodied photos. Like the one in black and white where the two imitate Naomi Campbell in bed with an underwear model. ‘Hot husband’ , Celeste made more than 340,000 followers laugh with their anti sexy, anti erotic, anti filter and anti Photoshop pose.

“A woman outside the stereotypes of ideal beauty uses her best weapon, humor, to make us uncomfortable (in a good way).”

Caty Villota
Fashion editor
Few are saved from his humorous look: Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Miley Cirus and Beyoncé are among his parodies.

Celeste makes evident the ridiculousness of many of the poses of Instagram and fashion editorials. Like the one in which Nicky Minaj poses happily inside a refrigerator.

Who basks headfirst with hips up on the pool rail, Rihanna-style? Or who wakes up absolutely makeup and hair done in the mornings like Emily Ratajkowski?

Celeste brings her self-esteem back to real life, with the acid test of her sense of humor.

In the times of ‘fake news’ and ‘fake happiness’. The comedian is real and that is why she won the award for the Funniest Woman on Instagram in 2017. She was among the 10 best comedians of Variety magazine and was the host of the LA Fashion Awards. She has just been a guest editor and cover of Vogue. Even participated in the campaign of designer Tom Ford at New York Fashion Week without having measures that the industry considers “perfect”, luckily for all.

In his ‘stand up comedy’, he makes fun of detox tea. That meal replacement diets as well as weight loss pills “only seek to make women feel that they must look a certain way to feel a certain way”. For this reason, it does not accept sponsorship of this type of product or brand.