6 ways to use Instagram to market

Right now, the use of Instagram as a marketing tool is gaining momentum. With a large user base of teenagers and beginners working And it’s where users get away from Facebook, and Instagram branding is becoming more and more important. Marketers can build a fan base and build brand awareness in different ways on Instagram.

Instagram is a social media tool where users take photos and upload them to express themselves. Or liking myself By communicating with images that can describe and create more imaginations to the recipient than words. Instagram has become a very fast growing community, but many brands in Thailand are unable to use Instagram well in many places. Use it to send images from Facebook to or directly sell brands without caring about how people on Instagram use the same tools. Today we are going to know 6 ways to use Instagram to become a gods tool in marketing.

1. Make Live Stories: Instagram has a lot of tools to deliver the best results. 

This allows marketers to create marketing in the form of Real Time Marketing, whether it is a live broadcast of events, product launches. Having a special job Or convey images that are important to the need for a follow-up flow The great thing about doing Live is to create a feeling of being in the event. And evoke a sense of accessibility and real feeling of that event. Moreover, doing a good live regularly will result in regular follow-up to the channel. It is similar to the fact that people know when to queue in front of a store when there are special events.

2. Submit Extra Content: Marketers can use Instagram to deliver exclusive content.

Which may not be available through any other social media tool, allowing people on Instagram to feel this channel. There is content to follow and create awareness that you don’t have to go any other way. Marketers should be able to create great creative work that is fresh and realistic, learn from the fashion brands’ Instagram or travel well.

3. Combined with Influencer: What Instagram is doing well is using influencer marketing in combination with their own channel brand.

More brands are generating more likes as well. Take a look at an example of Thailand with a camera brand paired with Pimtha on Instagram that can go well together and make many people want a camera that can shoot like this as well.

4. Build a flow through Instgram Ads.

Instagram Ads is a great tool for marketers who can create compelling content. That captures the attention of Instagram audiences. Perhaps making it an Instagram Ads Story that has It is a Vertical Video. That makes it more fun and marketers can create a different interactive or use different types of Ads to create a connection to the website. Or different applications to try to find new Ads and make them more fun Submitting plain boring ads here.

5. Create content that matches the user language and use Hashtag to the advantage.

Many of the problems with Instagram failure are brands refusing to communicate in ways that people like on Instagram. Images, but brands love to communicate in the form of advertisements.Instagram people like the informal But brands also prefer to communicate in a formal way. Causing the connection not to occur Brands have to change that mentality in order to build an Instagram brand. One of the more interesting features in Instagram is the use of Hashtag. Using Hashtag can connect as many users as Hashtag likes. Meet people interested in that hashtag and get more followers.

6. Organize a contest: When in this it is about pictures.

People like to convey their own stories Marketers can use the psychological principles that people want for free. Or items that cannot be found anywhere to be used to encourage participation in activities. The marketers will get people to join the Hashtag creator activity and generate a lot of User Generated Content. So your brand will get in the eye and people interested in the Hashtag. 

Never on Saturday or Sunday

CHRONICLE / Impossible to buy croissants, breads, pretzels or lemon tarts at Jeff Le Boulanger on weekends. The business is closed. For family reasons, it only opens from Tuesday to Friday. And there is no shortage of customers. “My market share and my turnover are increasing,” says Jean-François Dinelle, the owner.
If the pandemic has forced merchants to review the opening hours of their businesses. The baker on Charles-Rodrigue Street in Lévis has settled this issue for five years.

It’s the weekend off for him and his team of about 20 employees. “It’s three days off for some. It helps to keep the staff. ”

Obviously, customers would like to be able to go to his bakery on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s nice to plan for shopping on Fridays, but if some friends show up unexpectedly at home. That would be so convenient and good to be able to get your hands on your challah burgers, fougasse or chocolate and pear pies.

Better to have a plan B because the baker Dinelle does not intend to deviate from the schedule he has established.

He announces his colors at the door of his business. “Open Tuesday to Friday from 7 am to 6 pm. Saturday and Sunday closed for rest with family time. This since 2015. Warning: The grumpy cannot enter ”. He also says he takes phone Internet orders on Monday.

When he opens his complaints office on Facebook, people ask him why he closes on the weekend.

“I explain to them. I don’t want to please everyone. I am in mourning for some clients ”. The baker from Levis does not want to sell his products in other shops either.

Consumers tell him he could hire staff to take over on the weekends. “If an employee doesn’t come in, I’ll have to come in to do the job.” Time with family and rest would suffer. He refuses to take this risk.

The merchant does not fully embrace the rule that the customer is always right. He says he thinks of himself and his people first.

At 23, he already had a bakery in Old Lévis, La Bouchée de pain. “I worked over 100 hours a week.” It was untenable.

When he started up Jeff the Baker, he avoided doing the same pattern, the same rhythm. His girlfriend wouldn’t have accepted. “I have a daughter, a blonde. And I’m 45 years old. Strength and physical endurance are not the same. “

That does not prevent him from working more than 60 hours a week. “I was put on earth to be a baker.”

How easy is this reduced work schedule?

Not really. “We are doomed to excellence. It takes exclusive and extraordinary products and exceptional customer service. You have to be on the boat to attract and retain customers. ”

There are no bakeries and pastry shops on every street corner in Lévis. It is thus undoubtedly easier for Mr. Dinelle to make accept his atypical schedule to the customers.

He admits that the dynamics could change if The Bread Box sets up a branch near his business. The loyalty of its customers would then be put to the test.

Some have adapted and cope very well with Jeff The Baker’s hours of operation and understand. That the owner preserves his family life and that of his employees. Others, however, would like to be able to purchase its products seven days a week.

The dilemma exists in other areas of retail.

At the start of the pandemic, Quebec imposed the closure of stores on Sunday. This constraint was lifted in May. The Quebec Retail Council wanted to know in July if its members were considering closing on Sunday. “Mostly, they want to keep their doors open that day. In six months, a year, we will see ”, indicates the Director General of the Council, Stéphane Drouin.

“For the moment, they are trying to make up for lost sales during containment.” He notes that traders are more concerned with opening hours on Mondays and Tuesdays.

When people are at home, he says, they can live with the closing of businesses on weekends. “When they return to work, however, they like to find this shopping beach again.” Mr. Drouin adds that closing businesses on Sundays is easier in the regions or in the absence of competitors.

The pandemic is disrupting retailing and consumer habits. “There are a lot of uncertainties. We don’t know how things are going to be for the holiday season ”.

Will online commerce continue to grow?

Will it be easier to recruit staff when the payment of the PCU stops? Will shopping become even less popular if sanitary measures and the wearing of masks are maintained? Being in a queue is more bearable in the summer than in November in freezing rain.

Another element that keeps traders on the alert is economic uncertainty. If people don’t have jobs or emergency benefits. They will consume less. Regardless of the length of opening hours. 

How to do if there is earthquake while in a train

In the early hours of Monday,  an earthquake that measured a level 6 tremor in northern Osaka.  Considere to be the strongest earthquake that has ever occurred in Osaka. The earthquake occurs during the rush. Many people use the train for their travels. After the earthquake, many people were stuck in trains for a long time. So today, I would like to bring you an article on how to act when there is a big earthquake while sitting in a train to read it for good.

What to do in the train during an earthquake?

Most trains running in Japan have an automatic stop in the event of an earthquake or emergency. Therefore, when a big earthquake strikes, the train will stop running immediately. Even if the train stops running in a tunnel or at any point in time, it is very safe. Strongly constructed tunnels will not fall or collapse immediately. 

When the train suddenly stops running, you should not panic. Be careful and observing the surroundings If someone is injured. They should reach out to help. Because rescuers will not be able to help immediately If an earthquake that measures vibrations at level 5 and above occurs. The safety of the train station and nearby must be carried out as well as the safety of the tracks. The verification mentioned above will take quite a long time. Keep your thoughts and wait calmly.

Do not leave the train arbitrarily.

Compliance checks take quite a long time. In which, while waiting for the staff to complete the inspection, it is forbidden to leave the train arbitrarily. Wait until the staff informs you and allow you to leave the train to walk to a nearby station. The signal from the staff will only take place after the officer has completed all the completeness and safety checks and someone has come to help remove people from the train.

In one train, there will be approximately 200 people per carriage, including 1,000-2,000 people. With two officers (or the One Man train with only 1 driver), so it has to wait for someone to help transport people. Leave the train If any passenger is arbitrarily exiting the train, this will impede the performance of the officer. Therefore, do not open the door and exit the train. Wait until receiving an order from the staff only. If the train stops and the air inside the train does not flow.

If in the area of ​​the train station during the earthquake

If in the vicinity of a sky train or subway station during an earthquake Be careful of the dangers of objects that will fall and hit the head. Whether it is ceiling plates, light bulbs, signs, mirrors, when an earthquake strikes, you should not panic and run away from the train station. Because the train station area has good design and built to withstand vibrations.

Even in the subway, you don’t have to worry about power cuts.

Even after a severe earthquake. The subway station area will still be lit even if it is less bright than before, but there will be no blackouts that cannot be seen. Because the train station has a backup lighting system with batteries that can illuminate for more than 30 minutes. The exit signs still illuminate. There is no need to rush in panic to the exit door, please calm down, stay calm, and listen to the instructions of the authorities.

If inside a train station got damage or afraid of danger from aftershocks. The train station wasn’t built to accommodate the masses. The more crowded the train station is, the more chaos it becomes. Therefore, be aware that a train station is not a safe haven.

What you should know is When an earthquake happened.

 The greater the level of vibration Safety checks around the train running areas around the train station and the tracks. It will only take a lot of time to examine. If damage occurs, will take time to repair until it returns to normal use. It can take days or weeks for it to become functional again. Therefore, you should inspect the evacuation site or a safe place near the workplace. To serve as a place to wait while the train is under security checks. Should not try to strive to find a way home. Wait patiently.

When the unexpected happens, you shouldn’t panic. Calm down, slowly think and should think of a way for when this happens.

Effective remedy for snoring

Snoring is a sleep problem that affects the health of both the snoring person. And also disturbing the person sleeping next to it until it can lead to relationship problems Studying how to cure snoring is therefore a good solution for all parties. Because in addition to helping reduce the potential health effects of snoring Also makes it possible to return to sleep in bed with others normally

Why is it snoring?

Snoring occurs when the muscles at the back of the neck relax while sleeping and partially block the airway, causing it to narrow. When air travels through narrowed airways during sleep. Muscles around the airway vibrate and cause a snoring sound.

Snoring is common to people of all genders and ages. But it is more common in males between the ages of 40-60 years. In addition, some people may be more at risk of snoring, such as being overweight or obese, drinking large amounts of alcohol, smoking, using sleeping pills. Or sedatives There is an abnormality in the soft palate and face shape. Have an enlarged Tomsil or adenoids gland, etc.

How to cure snoring

There are several ways to cure snoring. People with this problem can try to modify their behavior at home as follows.

Adjust the position Should lie with the head raised higher than the body. By adjusting the head of the bed 30 degrees or using a pillow about 4 inches to help reduce swelling of tissues in the upper respiratory tract. And should lie on your side Because lying on your back can cause the base of the tongue to move, blocking the airway around the throat. If you are worried about coming back to sleep on your back while sleeping You could sew a small pocket on the back of your pajamas and put a tennis ball in it.

Lose weight: People who are overweight will have fat on their necks. This results in narrowing of the upper airway, leading to snoring. Weight loss through regular exercise, diet, and a healthy diet. Will help reduce fat in those areas Makes the airways wider And helps to reduce snoring, however, although losing weight, some people may still be snoring as well.

Exercise regularly To help increase the tightness of the muscles in the pharynx And reduce the obstruction in the airways. In particular, aerobic exercise can result in a sustained increase in heart rate and breathing.

Such as running, walking up and down stairs, brisk walking, cycling, swimming, or at least aerobic dancing. 30 minutes a day, etc.

Try to clear your nose. Allergy sufferers with relapsing may take antihistamines or use steroid nasal spray before bed. 

For reduce swelling of the nasal mucosa And allows easy breathing through the nose This will result in less flickering of the soft palate and uvula. It can also soften the sound of snoring. A warm bath before bed or a saline rinse may also help to clear and breathe more easily.

Avoid drinking alcohol and drugs that cause drowsiness before bed. Avoid alcoholic beverages at least 2 hours before bedtime. Including not taking medications that cause drowsiness such as sleeping pills, sedatives, and antihistamines kind sleepy so I risk the muscles of the neck and brain awake dropped more slowly. This causes the obstruction of the upper airways to increase, causing snoring to follow. Those who have never snored before can sleep after drinking alcohol and taking drugs that cause drowsiness.

Not smoking before bed. If you are a smoker Give yourself a break from smoking at least 4-6 hours before bed. 

This is because tobacco smoke can cause tissues in the upper respiratory tract to swell or have a stuffy nose. Which can ultimately lead to difficulty breathing and snoring. The more cigarettes, the greater the risk of snoring.In addition, people who inhale cigarette smoke without smokers may also experience snoring.

Drink a lot of water because if the body is dehydrated The secretions in the nose and soft palate will become thicker, resulting in snoring.

Get enough sleep Sleep should be about 7-8 hours a day, because sleep deprivation will make the body tired until deep sleep. This results in sagging throat tissue and possibly obstructing the airway. Causing snoring to follow.

Wash and clean the mattress and pillow cases regularly. It may be a source of allergens, dust or dander of the pet, who shares the bed with the owner. This includes other irritants that can get stuck in the pillow and cause suffocation or snoring while sleeping. And should change pillows every 6 months to reduce the accumulation of allergens.

How severe is snoring, should I see a doctor?

If you notice that you or the person lying next to snores loudly, has difficulty breathing, wakes up in the middle of the night due to suffocation. Intermittent breathing stops while sleeping Or feeling very sleepy during the day Should see a doctor for treatment Because these symptoms may be signs of Sleep apnea That require treatment The doctor may check the patient’s sleep by measuring the oxygen level in the blood. It also records movement, snoring and sleep apnea. Which is examined at a hospital under the supervision of a doctor or a sleep monitor specialist.

If abnormalities are detected Doctors can offer a range of treatments, such as an adjustable semi-finished oral device, to help increase the area of ​​the back of the neck in mild patients. Put a positive pressure aerator into your nose or mouth during sleep to open the airway. This reduces the obstruction of the upper airway and relieves snoring, suitable for patients with moderate to severe symptoms. Including surgery, neck puncture or drug use as appropriate for each patient, etc.

How to treat snoring problems by doctors

For those who snore at severe levels Or snoring because of health problems such as sleep apnea Your doctor may suggest alternative remedies along with self-care:

Medication Your doctor will give you drugs to treat the underlying cause of the snoring, such as antihistamines or decongestants. To relieve swelling and irritation in the nose caused by allergic rhinitis, etc., patients should use the medication strictly according to the doctor’s instructions.

Using a snoring-reducing device, for example, using a small, tape-based nasal patch on both nostrils. Use a chinstrap or tape under the chin to prevent opening your mouth while sleeping. Use a mandibular alignment aid to increase the area inside the throat and prevent narrowing of the airways. Or use a dental tool that holds the upper and lower jaws together. And move the jaws forward Which will widen the upper airway while sleeping, etc.

Surgery is a way to reduce snoring by increasing the size of the upper airway. Such as the uvula and soft palate to tighten the tissues around the throat. In some cases, tonsillectomy and amniocentesis may be involved. 

Surgery of soft palate and uvula using laser. Radiofrequency ablation to help strengthen the tissues Or Pillar implantation by injection of synthetic fibers, polyester on soft ceilings, etc.

Inserting a compressed air pressure (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)) is a treatment for snoring by blowing air pressure from the CPAP into the nose or mouth while sleeping. To help pressurize the air to expand the upper airways throughout the time the device is turned on This is because snoring in medicine is often caused by narrowing of the upper airways. This treatment may help reduce the symptoms of snoring. And reduce exhaustion during the day from poor sleep Using a CPAP machine is generally a simple process. But before use, consult a medical professional about the appropriate air pressure, disease severity and other factors to be aware of. 

How much to eat food intake of each group in 1 day

The mouth is important. And because of the stomach matter. It makes people who are losing weight very discouraged. Many people still use the wrong method and the wrong understanding, too much starvation or dieting. Which is actually the amount of food that we can eat And this is the key that makes us choose to eat rather than diet. To refrain from anything.

Adjusting your eating habits do not eat too much dessert It’s super salty, adding more fruit and vegetables to be a good start to what you eat. How much it is also a question that needs to be answered. Each person’s “fit” is not equal.

How do I know how much I should eat rice, vegetables, fruits, meat, and dairy? Today relying on preferences Primarily their own needs. If you accidentally eat it correctly, it is considered lucky but now you don’t have to wait to try your luck any more. Because there is research that can determine the appropriate amount of food, covering the Thai people aged 6 years and up to the elderly.

Some of you may have seen the poster of the Ministry of Public Health’s “nutrition flag” and believe that there are still people who have not seen it. Or still can’t Put into action So I would like to use the following simple principles: First, you must first classify yourself as a group of people. To see how much energy should be eaten throughout the day.

Energy levels vary by gender, age, and activity.

  • 1600 kcal – for young working women and the elderly
  • 2000 kcal energy – for young men working
  • 2400 kcal – for energy-intensive people such as athletes, farmers, laborers
  • Then came to see that How to eat in a balanced amount, which must be based on the amount of food in each group.

Rice – Flour

Should get 8-12 ladle per day, do not just be happy that you can eat all that. The truth is You have to eat to suit your needs. Own energy If a working-age woman, golden age or elderly, eats 8 ladle per day, 10 ladle a day, and if using a lot of energy, can eat up to 12 ladles. This food group includes rice, noodles, noodles, Kanom Jeen, bread, and all kinds of snacks with flour. Such as buns, buns, bualoy, sahem, anything that is flour is included in this group.

Vegetable group

Source of dietary fiber Adults should eat 6 ladle vegetables a day. Children 4 ladle per day (1 ladle about 3-4 tablespoons eating rice). Whether it is Sour Soup, Kaeng Liang, Kaeng Pa, or a single dish, such as Kanom Jeen, Nam Prik Nam, or Khao Yam in one meal. 2 scoops of vegetables are not difficult. Do not forget to rotate the type of vegetables. Will be safe from pesticides and get the nutrients you need.

Fruit group

Please stretch that principle Should eat fruit after every meal and between meals when hungry, in total, should have 3-5 parts of fruit a day, each 1 part of the fruit, choose one of the following, for example, 1 banana, 1 tangerine, 1 tangerine. 1/2 large guava, 4 rambutan fruit, if it is a large fruit such as papaya, pineapple, watermelon, about 6-8 words equal to 1 part, the amount of fruit is much less dependent on energy needs.
Fruits and vegetables may replace some foods. When there is not less than 1/2 kg of rice with rice, then add fruits and vegetables all day.

Meat, eggs, dried nuts

Choose small meats such as fish and chicken because they are low in fat. Soy products such as various types of tofu are health-conscious choices. The amount of food in this group is 6-12 spoons of rice, the amount of food that is equivalent to 1 spoon of meat, eating rice is 1/4 hard white tofu, 1/2 tube of white tofu, 1/2 egg, 1/2 mackerel, etc.

Milk group

Children should drink 2-3 glasses of fresh milk a day. Adults 1-2 glasses a day. Those who do not drink cow’s milk for any reason can drink soy milk. Yes, because they provide similar amounts of protein. But should increase the consumption of small fish and Dark green leafy vegetables To get enough calcium minerals.

Besides the staple food, foods such as sugar, salt and oil should also be controlled in the appropriate amount.

The daily amount of sugar does not exceed 4 teaspoons of children and 6 teaspoons of adults.Not more than 65 grams or not more than 16 teaspoons of oil.Sodium (Salty) 2300mg (approx. 1 tsp).