How much to eat food intake of each group in 1 day

The mouth is important. And because of the stomach matter. It makes people who are losing weight very discouraged. Many people still use the wrong method and the wrong understanding, too much starvation or dieting. Which is actually the amount of food that we can eat And this is the key that makes us choose to eat rather than diet. To refrain from anything.

Adjusting your eating habits do not eat too much dessert It’s super salty, adding more fruit and vegetables to be a good start to what you eat. How much it is also a question that needs to be answered. Each person’s “fit” is not equal.

How do I know how much I should eat rice, vegetables, fruits, meat, and dairy? Today relying on preferences Primarily their own needs. If you accidentally eat it correctly, it is considered lucky but now you don’t have to wait to try your luck any more. Because there is research that can determine the appropriate amount of food, covering the Thai people aged 6 years and up to the elderly.

Some of you may have seen the poster of the Ministry of Public Health’s “nutrition flag” and believe that there are still people who have not seen it. Or still can’t Put into action So I would like to use the following simple principles: First, you must first classify yourself as a group of people. To see how much energy should be eaten throughout the day.

Energy levels vary by gender, age, and activity.

  • 1600 kcal – for young working women and the elderly
  • 2000 kcal energy – for young men working
  • 2400 kcal – for energy-intensive people such as athletes, farmers, laborers
  • Then came to see that How to eat in a balanced amount, which must be based on the amount of food in each group.

Rice – Flour

Should get 8-12 ladle per day, do not just be happy that you can eat all that. The truth is You have to eat to suit your needs. Own energy If a working-age woman, golden age or elderly, eats 8 ladle per day, 10 ladle a day, and if using a lot of energy, can eat up to 12 ladles. This food group includes rice, noodles, noodles, Kanom Jeen, bread, and all kinds of snacks with flour. Such as buns, buns, bualoy, sahem, anything that is flour is included in this group.

Vegetable group

Source of dietary fiber Adults should eat 6 ladle vegetables a day. Children 4 ladle per day (1 ladle about 3-4 tablespoons eating rice). Whether it is Sour Soup, Kaeng Liang, Kaeng Pa, or a single dish, such as Kanom Jeen, Nam Prik Nam, or Khao Yam in one meal. 2 scoops of vegetables are not difficult. Do not forget to rotate the type of vegetables. Will be safe from pesticides and get the nutrients you need.

Fruit group

Please stretch that principle Should eat fruit after every meal and between meals when hungry, in total, should have 3-5 parts of fruit a day, each 1 part of the fruit, choose one of the following, for example, 1 banana, 1 tangerine, 1 tangerine. 1/2 large guava, 4 rambutan fruit, if it is a large fruit such as papaya, pineapple, watermelon, about 6-8 words equal to 1 part, the amount of fruit is much less dependent on energy needs.
Fruits and vegetables may replace some foods. When there is not less than 1/2 kg of rice with rice, then add fruits and vegetables all day.

Meat, eggs, dried nuts

Choose small meats such as fish and chicken because they are low in fat. Soy products such as various types of tofu are health-conscious choices. The amount of food in this group is 6-12 spoons of rice, the amount of food that is equivalent to 1 spoon of meat, eating rice is 1/4 hard white tofu, 1/2 tube of white tofu, 1/2 egg, 1/2 mackerel, etc.

Milk group

Children should drink 2-3 glasses of fresh milk a day. Adults 1-2 glasses a day. Those who do not drink cow’s milk for any reason can drink soy milk. Yes, because they provide similar amounts of protein. But should increase the consumption of small fish and Dark green leafy vegetables To get enough calcium minerals.

Besides the staple food, foods such as sugar, salt and oil should also be controlled in the appropriate amount.

The daily amount of sugar does not exceed 4 teaspoons of children and 6 teaspoons of adults.Not more than 65 grams or not more than 16 teaspoons of oil.Sodium (Salty) 2300mg (approx. 1 tsp).