How to do if there is earthquake while in a train

In the early hours of Monday,  an earthquake that measured a level 6 tremor in northern Osaka.  Considere to be the strongest earthquake that has ever occurred in Osaka. The earthquake occurs during the rush. Many people use the train for their travels. After the earthquake, many people were stuck in trains for a long time. So today, I would like to bring you an article on how to act when there is a big earthquake while sitting in a train to read it for good.

What to do in the train during an earthquake?

Most trains running in Japan have an automatic stop in the event of an earthquake or emergency. Therefore, when a big earthquake strikes, the train will stop running immediately. Even if the train stops running in a tunnel or at any point in time, it is very safe. Strongly constructed tunnels will not fall or collapse immediately. 

When the train suddenly stops running, you should not panic. Be careful and observing the surroundings If someone is injured. They should reach out to help. Because rescuers will not be able to help immediately If an earthquake that measures vibrations at level 5 and above occurs. The safety of the train station and nearby must be carried out as well as the safety of the tracks. The verification mentioned above will take quite a long time. Keep your thoughts and wait calmly.

Do not leave the train arbitrarily.

Compliance checks take quite a long time. In which, while waiting for the staff to complete the inspection, it is forbidden to leave the train arbitrarily. Wait until the staff informs you and allow you to leave the train to walk to a nearby station. The signal from the staff will only take place after the officer has completed all the completeness and safety checks and someone has come to help remove people from the train.

In one train, there will be approximately 200 people per carriage, including 1,000-2,000 people. With two officers (or the One Man train with only 1 driver), so it has to wait for someone to help transport people. Leave the train If any passenger is arbitrarily exiting the train, this will impede the performance of the officer. Therefore, do not open the door and exit the train. Wait until receiving an order from the staff only. If the train stops and the air inside the train does not flow.

If in the area of ​​the train station during the earthquake

If in the vicinity of a sky train or subway station during an earthquake Be careful of the dangers of objects that will fall and hit the head. Whether it is ceiling plates, light bulbs, signs, mirrors, when an earthquake strikes, you should not panic and run away from the train station. Because the train station area has good design and built to withstand vibrations.

Even in the subway, you don’t have to worry about power cuts.

Even after a severe earthquake. The subway station area will still be lit even if it is less bright than before, but there will be no blackouts that cannot be seen. Because the train station has a backup lighting system with batteries that can illuminate for more than 30 minutes. The exit signs still illuminate. There is no need to rush in panic to the exit door, please calm down, stay calm, and listen to the instructions of the authorities.

If inside a train station got damage or afraid of danger from aftershocks. The train station wasn’t built to accommodate the masses. The more crowded the train station is, the more chaos it becomes. Therefore, be aware that a train station is not a safe haven.

What you should know is When an earthquake happened.

 The greater the level of vibration Safety checks around the train running areas around the train station and the tracks. It will only take a lot of time to examine. If damage occurs, will take time to repair until it returns to normal use. It can take days or weeks for it to become functional again. Therefore, you should inspect the evacuation site or a safe place near the workplace. To serve as a place to wait while the train is under security checks. Should not try to strive to find a way home. Wait patiently.

When the unexpected happens, you shouldn’t panic. Calm down, slowly think and should think of a way for when this happens.