6 ways to use Instagram to market

Right now, the use of Instagram as a marketing tool is gaining momentum. With a large user base of teenagers and beginners working And it’s where users get away from Facebook, and Instagram branding is becoming more and more important. Marketers can build a fan base and build brand awareness in different ways on Instagram.

Instagram is a social media tool where users take photos and upload them to express themselves. Or liking myself By communicating with images that can describe and create more imaginations to the recipient than words. Instagram has become a very fast growing community, but many brands in Thailand are unable to use Instagram well in many places. Use it to send images from Facebook to or directly sell brands without caring about how people on Instagram use the same tools. Today we are going to know 6 ways to use Instagram to become a gods tool in marketing.

1. Make Live Stories: Instagram has a lot of tools to deliver the best results. 

This allows marketers to create marketing in the form of Real Time Marketing, whether it is a live broadcast of events, product launches. Having a special job Or convey images that are important to the need for a follow-up flow The great thing about doing Live is to create a feeling of being in the event. And evoke a sense of accessibility and real feeling of that event. Moreover, doing a good live regularly will result in regular follow-up to the channel. It is similar to the fact that people know when to queue in front of a store when there are special events.

2. Submit Extra Content: Marketers can use Instagram to deliver exclusive content.

Which may not be available through any other social media tool, allowing people on Instagram to feel this channel. There is content to follow and create awareness that you don’t have to go any other way. Marketers should be able to create great creative work that is fresh and realistic, learn from the fashion brands’ Instagram or travel well.

3. Combined with Influencer: What Instagram is doing well is using influencer marketing in combination with their own channel brand.

More brands are generating more likes as well. Take a look at an example of Thailand with a camera brand paired with Pimtha on Instagram that can go well together and make many people want a camera that can shoot like this as well.

4. Build a flow through Instgram Ads.

Instagram Ads is a great tool for marketers who can create compelling content. That captures the attention of Instagram audiences. Perhaps making it an Instagram Ads Story that has It is a Vertical Video. That makes it more fun and marketers can create a different interactive or use different types of Ads to create a connection to the website. Or different applications to try to find new Ads and make them more fun Submitting plain boring ads here.

5. Create content that matches the user language and use Hashtag to the advantage.

Many of the problems with Instagram failure are brands refusing to communicate in ways that people like on Instagram. Images, but brands love to communicate in the form of advertisements.Instagram people like the informal But brands also prefer to communicate in a formal way. Causing the connection not to occur Brands have to change that mentality in order to build an Instagram brand. One of the more interesting features in Instagram is the use of Hashtag. Using Hashtag can connect as many users as Hashtag likes. Meet people interested in that hashtag and get more followers.

6. Organize a contest: When in this it is about pictures.

People like to convey their own stories Marketers can use the psychological principles that people want for free. Or items that cannot be found anywhere to be used to encourage participation in activities. The marketers will get people to join the Hashtag creator activity and generate a lot of User Generated Content. So your brand will get in the eye and people interested in the Hashtag.