The World Health Organization warns, nowhere in the world the risk is zero. For COVID-19

Dr. Michael Ryan, Director of Emergency Programs at World Health Organization It said there is no point in the world where there is zero risk of the novel coronavirus. Statement from senior officials of the World Health Organization. The question of media coverage about the safety of air travel, while many countries in Europe, opening the country to receive visitors from all countries of the European Union together.

At the same time, Mr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebrey Jesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization.

 It warned about the likelihood of COVID- 19 returning in a country where the threat of the disease seems to be reduced. He added that in the past two weeks, there have been more than 100,000 new infections worldwide per day. 

Therefore, countries that appear to be able to control the outbreak still need to be vigilant about the prospect of a new outbreak.

The warning from a top WHO official came as Chinese authorities recently announced measures to detain at least 90,000 people in Beijing’s 21 areas home.

At least 106 cases have been reported in Beijing, and in addition to the Beijing outbreak that began on Thursday. At least one case has been reported in Sichuan Province after the famous person. Said departure from Beijing And in Hebei province, four cases have been reported. 

On the other hand, New Zealand has reported a new case of COVID-19 in the country.

The days after it declared free from the virus. New Zealand officials said the new cases were two women who traveled from London to visit their seriously.

ill relatives in the country and were found to be found after the quarantine period and had traveled across the country from the city. Auckland to Wellington too On the other side of Asia, Pakistani health officials now warn that someone may be infected with COVID-19. 

In the country as many as 1 million and 2 hundred thousand people by July, and in the United States, Washington State University is expected to die from COVID-19. In the US by October this will reach 200,000 people.