Amidst the competition in developing vaccines for COVID-19

Because if any country produces vaccines that work well before others. It will be the owner of the “weapons” that are essential to building power and political charisma in the country and abroad. But which vaccines will be the main target this time?

Regardless of how great the society is at the awareness, prevention and treatment of COVID-19. Until you can say that you are in control. But that is just win battles. The real victory is the win the war is not yet born. If it were to happen, an effective vaccine would need to be released.

The latest good news is that as of April 15, 2020, the world number of vaccines has reached 86 volunteers to fight this war!

Most of the information for today’s writing comes from the latest issue of The Economist (18-2 April 2020), a 176-year highly respected British global weekly magazine covering everything, especially economy, politics, society, business, science, etc. 9 hundred thousand each, and are still available in digital form to 1.6 million members.

All 86 vaccines are currently in different trials. Are competing vigorously. Because which country produces vaccines that work well before others? With high immunity performance It is easy to produce, fast, cheap and safe. That it will become the owner of the most important “weapons” in building political power and prestige in the country and abroad. Build diplomatic power and create important bargaining power. And most importantly, it will receive great admiration from all over the world.

The virus that troubles the world, SARS-CoV-2 (belonging to the Corona family and a sibling to the SARS -CoV virus that causes SARS).

The good news is that there are no less than 6 pre-vaccinated vaccines and possibly more than one before the end of August this year.

which can be confirmed as a practical vaccine, ie, it has the characteristics mentioned above. Bad news, the Gates Foundation’s Melinda Gates works for charity. Public health, which is involved in many vaccines on a global scale, indicates that it is ready to be seriously injected into the world. It can take up to 18 months from the present.

Even if I can tell which one is a practical vaccine (s), why would it take more than a year to reach the hands of the world? Can not accelerate faster? Which nation will the “favorite” vaccine be? And what kind of production method is there?

The heart of every vaccine is antigens, because they stimulate the body to produce antibodies and other responses. 

In this case, when SARS-Cov-2 penetrates into the body, the vaccine has been used to stimulate the immune system. (Through biological processes After the previous vaccination), the virus will be suppressed. They are not sick and are not carriers of germs to spread to people who have not been injected. In this way, it would be possible to “win the war” through the path that had fought other pandemics. In the past

The traditional vaccine has three methods: (1) using certain strains of the organism or similar that have become so crippled that the sick cannot enter the body to induce immunity, such as a vaccine Measles, mumps, rubella (2) use this inactive strain to build immunity, such as polio and influenza vaccines (3) use antigen related to the disease, such as extracting the blood of a person who has had the disease. It’s a vaccine like hepatitis B

Once the “war-fighting” vaccine was acquired, it had to be tested on animals (Called the pre-clinic) such as mice, monkeys, etc., and when confident that it can be used with people as well. It will start producing vaccines to pass human trials, which has 3 steps, that is, the first step to ensure that it is safe. The second step is to ensure that immunity is actually activated and the last step. Is that it has efficacy, it has a real prophylactic effect

It’s difficult to come up with a vaccine as a prototype, but proving it’s true is even more difficult. It took a long time to get permission. 

(There are national, regional and WHO governance organizations.) The Ebola vaccine, which is extremely deadly, is fully accelerated and all three stages take up to 10 months to reach substantial production.

All 86 COVID vaccines are in different stages of testing. Some are still in the testing stage with animals. At present, there are 3 of them that are most advanced and can be considered a favorite The second most important progressive prototype vaccine is CanSino Biological and Beijing Institute of Biotechnology. Which belongs to china

The second prototype is still in the experimental phase 1, with similar progress from Moderna (America) / Inovio Pharmaceuticals (America) / and Oxford University.