Wi-Fi technology that is not simple Wi-Fi

We have to admit that in today’s Internet use. Considered to become a normal thing that comes into our daily life already.   But what is important is that the Internet now comes to play and is one of the key business drivers that will facilitate in various fields. For our work as well

When we used the Internet at home, work, or other places. Its must be installed W i-Fi, which was previously considered a very difficult matter. Because there must be a LAN cable to connect the access point as an access point to connect to the router. If we have multiple access points, then there must be a device called Switch to combine the access point cable to connect to the router.

The more is a wide area Such as companies, schools, hotels must have access points in various areas. When installing, we have to walk to each point that has an Access Point. Which takes the IT system staff to take each point to 10-20 minutes.

There is technology to help, which is called Controller.   That we can bring this to next to the Switch and then bring the access Point to connect the Ethernet cable to Swicth where we can adjust the settings on the Controller and will go. Automatically control the settings of each Access Point.

A new product called Juniper (SD-WAN) driven by Mist AI to be replaced by a connected controller.

With Switch as an Access Point, connect to the cloud system and then adjust it at the cloud system. After trying to use it for a while, it was found that Juniper’s Mist AI can do much more than general access points.

Intelligence technology or AI system that can collect user data of the U ser and analyze it when problems arise, we can go in depth details of the Wi-Fi system at the Dashboard to find out. It also detects abnormal behavior on Wi-Fi systems and alerts administrators to recognize them.

Moreover, Marvis Virtual Network Assistant is available to help answer questions when wanting to know the root of the problem.   Which has a function similar to Siri and also has an Indoor Maps system that will locate the person in that area as well. Then the gods of “Marvis” can also alert us to update the device.

Then what are the benefits for the business?

As we said at the beginning, Juniper Wireless Services driven by Mist AI is much more than just Wi-F i. Mist Wi-Fi can manage Wi-Fi system via C loud system, it will save the system administrator’s effort and time IT can take time to do Innovative instead and reduce the cost of hiring additional employees.

To increase satisfaction for businesses that need a co-working space, which requires Wi-Fi service to their customers such as hotels, cafes, Wi-Fi is a necessity of this group of businesses.

Indoor Maps that can track the location of people can use data to analyze the seating arrangement of each department employee to save time walking down. Or can manage inventory by analyzing the products that need to be picked together often Can be placed close to each other

If we integrate a customer journey with a CRM system, there are advantages in that When customers enter the shop, the Access Point will fire a signal to the customer’s smartphone to present a promotion or a marketing campaign of the store.

After trying to use Juniper (SD-WAN) driven by Mist AI for a while.I feel that this technology has allowed us to change our perspective on Wi-F i. That is not just for surf the internet all day. But also can reduce costs Reduce the time of difficult work. Increase productivity and expand your company’s output without increasing the number of people. Whether a business is small or large, it can be applied to the organization.