How to work with people from the opposite party?

Probably not unusual If the person next to you often behaves like an echo chamber. To see all the good with you But who would have thought that one day, “success” could come from collaborating with thoughtful people. “The opposite,” or who works hard to find information to refute your mind,

from author and businessman Margaret Heffernan TED Talks, she tells the story. It was in Oxford in the 1950s to introduce us to the intriguing thinking of a doctor named Alice Stewart, who discovered some truths that would change the medical field. Forever

First of all I must say that In those days, the ability to build a reputation for himself was able to stand out in the research industry All you have to do is look for difficult problems and solve them.

It is well known that most diseases are associated with poverty. But in the case of childhood cancer, children dying It seems that most of them come from wealthy families.

To find an explanation of the disorder Doctor Alice has studied this matter very seriously.

After she had spent a long time collecting information. She found that there was one statistical value that seemed to be eminently important and could be referenced. “With a two to one ratio of children who die There will be mothers to undergo an X-ray while pregnant. ”

These findings greatly challenge traditional knowledge. Because in those days, X-ray machines were the coolest technology used by almost all living things, including pregnant mothers.

However, after her initial findings were published in the medical journal and made public in 1956, the study did not immediately change the use of X-rays on pregnant women.

In the end, it took her 25 years to convince the medical community to stop using X-ray machines on pregnant women.

How do you know that you are in the right direction?

The process of proving the mind of Doctor Alice over 25 years in the story. It is a collaboration with a statistician named George Neil, who has almost everything opposite personality and mind.

George is responsible for looking at models and statistical figures from different angles. He looks at his work “This creates conflicts around Dr. Alice’s Theory “

because the work is widely accepted. Not trying to find out how cheap it is But have to find mistakes To fill the leak in that work as much as possible Which may seem a bit frustrating But the only way to let you know you’re on the right track. Is to do until they can’t prove you wrong

Work conflicts that occur in the organization.

It is noteworthy that Many people in the organization are unable to build a relationship in the same way that Dr. Alice and George do.

From the survey of European and American executives. It was found that up to 85% of them would have issues or concerns they would not raise at work. Because they are afraid of them to provoke conflicts Leading to an argument that they themselves do not know how to deal with And has a feeling that he may have to lose back

Which was not because he could not But he wasn’t brave enough to do it. And choose to express themselves through conflict avoidance instead That even the final result will see the success of the work as well But may never know how much of a mistake the work has

How to work with people from the opposite party?

You must first understand that “Conflicts are inevitable in work”, so reasoning arguments. To reference therefore considered a good thing And it is better than quiet or letting go, and make sure that the conflict at the event does not affect your personal relationship.

Look for a colleague with completely different ways of thinking and experience. Or if they’re opposites ready to resist neurobiological drives (neurobiological) with you the better But also on the basis of reason Because these matters require a lot of energy and patience.

Have the courage to raise your concerns to speak, practice, and do it over and over again. It might not be useful If the opposite person takes the action on one side and speaking. It will make the other person perceive your thoughts. Which will result in the team being creative In trying to solve problems together

However, to connect with people “Opposite”. Although it is difficult to bring in a life of dissident people or people who are always ready to make mistakes in your work. But in the context of doing business. The team you work with doesn’t have people opposite you May cause cognitive processes to leak holes. Especially if you are a leader who is faced with a big decision.