Get to know RPA, a technology that will speed up your work.

There are many types of technologies that use for ranging from Tools, AI, Robot to machines and including technology that helps in the form of Code or Algorithm is a form of work that cannot be seen. 

Today we will be discussing RPA or Robotic Process Automation, which is also considered an invisible and tangible technology.

What is RPA?

RPA, or Robotic Process Automation, is a technology to transform routine operations such as sending emails, making appointments, key filling systems and summarizing reports. To come out as a command format To want more output jobs especially in the form of documents such as the insurance business. Financial business And government agencies

How does RPA work?

RPA is an automated process model that can define a set of instructions so that it can mimic human-computer interactions. When use with AI or Artificial Intelligence. Text Analytics can be analyzed automatically or Image Recognition technology that helps in reading financial documents, etc.

And can also connect Data to every organization to collect data in Real-Time, the RPA system has been developed to be more intelligent. More accurate data synthesis, including Customize to match the job required properly.

When RPA is used instead of people?

The results of the Pwc survey found that RPA can work correctly 100% compared to the accuracy of Manual Work Process caused by Human Error or human error has reached 5%. This is used by more than 45% and saves 65 trillion baht per year in labor costs worldwide.

It is also expected that RPA in the Asia Pacific region will be valued at 2.9 billion baht in the RPA market in 2021 or representing a growth that has surpassed 203%, including in Thailand.

Why is the RPA so interesting?

According to the data. The reason why many organizations choose RPA is because it can help shorten the time. It takes from 15 hours to just 20 minutes.

Examples of RPA being applied to businesses today include.

Applied to the HR department. It manages the list of applicants from 10 hours to 15 minutes and also manages payroll information and HR reports.

Businesses that need an RPA communication system can assist in managing or backing up data over the phone.

RPA can use for debt collection to manage in a channel and at reasonable periods. In order to meet the required repayment.

It is also possible to use RPA in documents. Finally, I would like people with businesses to take a look at the overall flow of all work and analyze. Where technology like RPA can help. To speed up the work and can also help with the cost as well.