Decentralization&Business trends of Line Thailand in the next era.

As consumer behavior changes, businesses must change accordingly.

Among the changes, that have taken place since the trade war. The exit of the European Union , the spending of digital money ( cryptocurrencies ) until the arrival. COVID-19 that reinforces that The world has reached the end of the trend. Globalization already and is considered an entry Full decentralization.

The lockdown  measures that took place during the COVID-19 crisis have made virtual people increasingly forced to live next to their homes. The technological convenience, communication, living space activities are no longer a boring.

By Nielsen Thailand, which has released new research information about changing trends in behavior of Thai people.  Compare before and after COVID at LINE THAILAND BUSINESS 2020 in mid-October. Found that after COVID activity within the living area. In addition to cleaning the house, cooking, studying by yourself People are paying more attention to Online Shopping and Online Entertainment .

It also found that people began to value the value of the product, not the price, or simply. Cunsumer did not choose to buy products and services just because they were cheap. But look to the features that meet their needs more which caused Thai businesses to have a major strategy change To appease customers with behavior Including these changing ways of thinking.

LINE Thailand vision

There are more than 47 million LINE users currently active in Thailand. But due to the ongoing uncertainty of Global Trend. LINE Thailand sees that decentralization. Which focus on various sub-sectors or customer groups. It is likely to be a business trend in the next era.

LINE therefore focuses on customer data retention , it has to be ” tight ” and ” deep ” enough to know what trends are coming. How will the context of Thailand or Thai consumers change? Including how to do service to meet these needs This will be an opportunity for business people. With 3 more subdivided trends, New Human, New Rule and New Power

New Human, consumer trends and new behaviors

If you think a trend or new habits of consumers (New Rule) is likely to increase steadily to become a New Culture in Thailand inevitable trend on the strength of ” the series’ attack. ” Which can be flipped from a specific preference group To the mainstream behavior of the Thai audience And expanding throughout Asia as a Community larger, leading to a new business model called Y-Economy has.

From the statistical data revealed at LINE Thailand Business 2020, it was found that the number of viewers of the Y series Viewed on the LINE TV platform, there are at least 18.9 million people ( count as 1 user viewed, not the number of views ), which is not at all and may be an opportunity to attract new consumers of this interest. have

New Rule: A new benchmark for data collection.

Undeniable that the Data or client data are extremely important in the sector, be it Purchasing Records include Transaction Records that brand marketers can analyze campaigns or promotions to boost sales. Whether it is with the existing customer base Or new customers But in the past few years, ” Privacy protection is a very important issue around the world. ” The unauthorized secretion of consumer data has become a subject both public and private sectors. Obviously more important.

Data collection via 1 st Party Data or requesting to collect information from customers directly is the solution. Traditionally, data collection on the LINE platform was for information directly from customers. Either from Mission Stickers solutions or from various advertisements on the LINE platform, but in keeping with the CRM or LINE, it’s called BCRM, which mainly helps database management services to maintain customer relationships on LINE OA .

With good response, LINE is emerging as a new solution called MyCustomer that enhances the ability to collect and analyze more comprehensive data. Evolving from being a CRM platform to a CDP or Customer Data Platform or a truly central customer storage platform

The specialty is that ” LINE ‘s CRM system was originally only able to store data and use it on the LINE platform, but as it evolved into CPD, brands began to take outside or branded data. It can be mixed with information collected from LINE and can be used in addition to the LINE platform . “

New Power, influence and power over other regions around the world.

It is shocking that Online product sales channel ( E-Commerce system ), Chat Commerce type, is very popular with Thai consumers, which many countries cannot do.

The LINE has proposed new solutions. It is a service designed for consumers. Including the Thai business sector Can be used in a variety of ways. Which will ask for an example Service food LINE MAN Wongnai start by looking at the ” how to be able to take advantage of LINE Ecosystem most ” is a strategy that penetration to benefit the Restaurant Owner with is not just the delivery of the store to customers. Just look at the people who are the sellers as well.

It is the MyRestaurant solution that allows LINE  marketing operators to fully link to their CRM on LINE . Using a combination of Restaurant Management and Customer Data so that a restaurant or food operator can do it. 

Communication can be both Online and Offline, or simply, there is a management system within the restaurant. 

And connect to customers outside the full range. Which is a plus To pull the merchant side. Especially those who do not have a storefront. You can log in to LINE OA .

” If you have an adult relative who has great recipes. But don’t know how to find a sales channel, just have MyRestaurant, you can open a shop easily “

This does not include any other interesting solutions. Many developed by Thai people in each group of entrepreneurs. Whether it is MyShop, a tool to help improve sales through the online storefront system. LINE Ads Platform (LAP), a platform that can make Advertiser access advertisements on all LINE media . Event Stickers, a solution that allows every business Get inexpensive stickers for data collection tools, and more.