Understand how introvert and extrovert work.

I had the opportunity to read an article on Medium by Emily Esposito titled Introvert or Extrovert? Here’s How to Boost Your Productivity.

This article is very interesting about introvert Extrovert and Ambivert, especially when it comes to adoption in an office environment.

The terms introvert and extrovert were coined by the famous psychiatrist Carjung.

If asked for understanding of the majority The characteristics of these two people come from their way of increasing their energy, with the introvert being charged by being alone, while the extrovert recharges by meeting other people.

Really, there is another group we call ambivert, which are people who are both introvert and extrovert in the same person.

If we look a little deeper, we will find that there are also different types of introverts.

The idea comes from psychologist Johanthan Cheek, who divides introvert people into four levels:

Socia introvert: Someone who is a social intovert, if possible, wants to be alone. Or with a small group of people But didn’t have much anxiety If you have to be surrounded by a lot of people 

Thinking introvert: These people are often immersed in their thoughts. These people are thoughtful And often revisit their own thoughts deeply 

Anxious introvert: These people like to be alone. Because he often felt that he did not act right when being with other people And tend to think about things To happen in a worst case senario is to always look at the world with concern. 

Retrained introvert: The distinguishing feature of these people is that they think very carefully before doing something, which might make outsiders think they work slowly. But actually, they will think of the consequences of their decisions in great detail. Before deciding to do something

For extroverts, most people understand that they like to be surrounded by a lot of people. But actually extrovert people can be divided into two things as well. The idea comes from a study called The neuroanatomical delineation of agentic and affiliative extraversion by Erica N.Grodin and Tara L.White, published in Cognitive, Affective & Behavioral Neurosice.

This research divided the Extrovert into two groups:

Agentic Extrovert: These are people who are often driven by taking victory or success as the driving force behind. If this type of person is a leader, he is a strong, bold, competitive leader. And has a high level of

individuality. Agentic Extrovert people like to be the center of attention. And does not hesitate to try to be a leader in various situations If they could

Affiliative Extrovert: They tend to like being very social. They are very friends. Can start talking to strangers without embarrassment. Relationships with those around them are very important to these people, according to

the Ambivert group, Barry Smith, director of Laboratories of HUman Phschophysiology at the University of Maryland, says about 68% of the population is able to adapt to both introvert and It is important to find the balance between these two modes.

Here, how do each type of people adjust in order to have the most productivity in their work?

For introvert, there are four ways to adjust to max productivity:

Create the right environment:  Working in a noisy open office can be very frustrating for introvert, so the solution is from time to time to find a quiet office and something that may be sent to people who Also design an office that you don’t forget to allow a “quiet” space for people working. Especially if your office is open office, it is necessary to have a quiet place. 

Do more work one-on-one: Talking to one person at a time will make the introvert work the easiest and the most profound. So if you are an introvert, try to make time to talk to your coworker or boss like One on one as many as possible. Because it works like this the most productive for you. 

Let the people know: Working conditions are very fast today, but introvert people work best at their speed and resolution. What is important is communicating with others on the team. In order to understand expectations, for example, an introvert will be able to perform a job that requires a very deep analysis, etc. 

Meetings: Meetings are an important point in which introverts have to be very prepared because introvert people will not be able to speak at a meeting right away when something happens, but must think first. Unlike extrovert people who will be able to leave instant feedback. Therefore, it is essential that introverts know the agenda of the meeting and prepare to go to the meeting, always writing out what they want to say.

As for the extrovert, preparation should be performed as well, for example:

Find recharging activities: This is the opposite of an introvert, that is, if the extrovert is in a workplace that is too quiet, too quiet, may become dizzy. ) So if in a situation that is too quiet for a long time You need to start looking for activities such as offering yourself to work when you meet a lot of people.

Can be busy, but beware of burnout: extroverts tend to enjoy the chaotic mess and a lot of different job swings. But be careful because if you do too long without a break, bunrout may occur.

Take time to think about it: how much the extrovert likes to be with them. But when sitting and thinking about something alone is important We will be able to crystallize and think good things. Or big plans Yes during this period So every day I try to find time to wash 20 minutes, quietly sitting alone. And write a lesson on the past today What is good What is not good And what have we learned from it?

No matter what kind of person you are Do not forget that when we work at that office. We couldn’t make both our work and the environment the way we all liked. We need to understand other people’s perspectives and be flexible. Perhaps, if the extrovert is loud or too fast, the introvert will have to understand. Likewise, if an introvert spends a lot of time considering the job, the extrovert needs to be understood as well.

Because of the differences of many people This is the type that makes our team strong. 

Finally, I would like to conclude with a personal opinion. That we should not try to change our natural foundation, no matter what kind of person we are. But what we should do is try to understand people who are not like us. While preparing himself for working with all kinds of people

The impact of COVID-19 on the businesses In Thailand.

Not long ago, I met two old friends at about the same time. The talk was inevitable about the impact of COVID-19 on the businesses they both do.

The first one is the hotel owner. There are hotels in many provinces. Which is a total tourist province Before, I must say that the business is doing very well. Of course, in the past, it was completely affected. But still enough to support the business, as most hotels are not too far from Bangkok.

During the heavy lockdown period or even during this time when most of the customers are packed only on holidays. What about the money I earn when supporting employees and paying for other operation costs?

My friend laughs and replied that it wasn’t enough, but I survived because I was able to borrow money from banks. At the moment, he borrows cash to keep it. And with low interest So the cost was too cheap.

My friend said This sum of money will be kept. In case if something happens, we will have cash to support the company. While waiting for tourists to return.

simply put, they are borrowing money to secure future risks. And the interest is the same as the insurance premium.
Because as we all know Cash is the lifeblood If it stops flowing when the only place dies.

SMEs are considered a very important economic engine, ILO data in high income OECD countries SMEs account for 61% of GDP.

In middle income countries, SMEs generate approximately 40% of their GDP.And this crisis, SMEs are hit the hardest, so without good planning The economic scars with SMEs are severe and long. This crisis is not like any other crisis. Because of the massive global lockdown, economic activity stagnates almost simultaneously for the rest of the world. 

The disruption of manufacturing activities, along with a severe drop in income and purchasing power, have escalated into a global economic crisis. This time, it is characterized by a twin supply-demand shocks

 (The International Monetary Fund: IMF) estimates the global economy in 2020 will contract at 3 percent, the lowest in the second quarter and the worst since the Great Depression in the 1930s.

This is the first time that both major economies and developing countries have gone into recession at the same time. The estimated damage to the global economy in 2020 and 2021 is estimated at more than US $ 9 trillion. Which is bigger than the economies of Japan and Germany combined.

While the World Trade Organization (WTO) estimates that world trade volume will disappear by a third compared to the previous year.

Even now there is some good news about vaccines. But scholars are concerned that If the situation is prolonged, it will cause serious liquidity in businesses and households. Until the problem of widespread debt default It may also be at risk of becoming a financial crisis, or a “Triple Economic Shock,” which has never happened in the history of the world. And no one would want that to happen

At the same time, the Thai economic situation is not very good. This is partly because we have had economic problems before the crisis. Although the COVID situation began to unfold in many countries. But the Thai stock market index has not yet recovered to pre-COVID levels. Opposite the situation in many countries, despite the fact that the COVID situation is more severe than Thailand. But the stock market recovered more rapidly. In particular, the stock market in the economy with high technological developments, including the US, China, Japan, Korea or Taiwan,

for Thailand, SMEs account for 43% of GDP and are the main source of employment for the country with more than 14 million workers in Thai SMEs. Most of the people are in the trade and service sectors. Which is the sector that has been directly affected

Therefore, the Thai business sector has to adapt greatly, especially SMEs. I need help from the state image as well. In the past, the government and The BOT will issue measures in accordance with the Financial Assistance Act for SMEs that have been affected by COVID-19, such as

6-month deferral of principal and interest payments to SMEs with credit limit not exceeding 100 million baht without being considered a default and without losing credit history. And soft loans for SMEs with a credit limit of up to 500 million baht, interest rate 2% per year for 2 years, totaling 500 billion baht, with the government to bear the interest for the first 6 months.

In addition, new or additional credit has been made through government-owned specialized financial institutions for SMEs debtors totaling Bt3.96 billion,

which in part has helped mitigate some of this crisis. Because these are “opportunities” to breathe in all business.

In addition to helping Over the past, we have also seen efforts to adapt businesses in Thailand in a variety of ways. Either large or small.

Such as restaurants such as ‘Penguin Eat Shabu’, shabu shops that can not be served in the sitting area. The new strategy has been adjusted with the delivery service with shabu pot, which generates income and helps to manage the fresh products that need to be stocked well. It also uses the same staff that used to serve food to switch to delivery instead, thus retaining most of the employees.

And not just a small business adaptation In fact, we have also seen an adjustment from big businesses.

One of the business people that I really like to hear about your vision is Mr. Anupong Asavaphokhin, CEO of AP THAILAND, whom I have always followed.

Having said that, AP Thailand, as a large real estate business, was equally affected. But with such a dramatic adjustment, AP made a surprising surprise to the market. With the surprisingly growing revenue and profit figure, because the last nine months figure has shown a profit margin of up to 3,280 million baht, which is higher than the full-year profit of 2019 or the total income of more than 35,180 million baht. Very much

If we look at the details, it will find that AP Thailand has adjusted its operating plans in the first quarter. Has switched to launch new products from condominiums to single houses and town homes totaling 39 projects worth 41,820 million baht and changed communication to be in line with this new product mix.

What we can learn from this is that the organization’s mindset is very important. Because in this critical condition We cannot stick to old ways of thinking. And hope that the crisis can get better So fast switching is very important. Because everything is limited Be it time or cash

Cultivate sales from condos to single houses and town homes. Not easy If people in the organization do not change This mindset can not happen,

There is also another subject that you Anupong told, I think is a very interesting subject of “communication”
In a time of crisis communication is very important. Employees must know the status of the company. So as not to panic and empower employees to know how they help the organization survive. What is the purpose of the organization? Is to communicate to drive employees to have a mindset to fight under the same goal.

Create a business strategy that is consistent with sustainability.

It is known that Business needs have various requirements, but when it comes to sustainability, the main thing that businesses have to consider aside from profit is the issue. Responsibility towards “society” and “environment”

It must be able to create a positive impact on a particular area.  Benefiting the public Through various strategies Which is consistent with sustainable development in a concrete way

If the organization fails to take this responsibility It may lead to problems such as environmental degradation. Social inequality Including conflicts with local people. This certainly affects the image of the organization in a bad way.

So one of the problems that has been discussed a lot in the last few years. It is a matter of how to drive the organization to Sustainable, we need to find a way to create a business strategy that is consistent with sustainability.

1. Assess the problem and set objectives.

To drive change, the first step is to assess whether What does “sustainability” mean to our teams, industries, as well as our customers? By considering the problems that each group deems important. Through asking questions.

Such as how much waste does the organization generate? Is the product intended to help someone else? How has our company affected or the context on the local community? T.hink that Within the context of sustainability How does the organization answer these types of questions? 

2. Create a mission of the organization.

Mission will help focus on real “taking action”. The mission statement should be consistent with the 5Ws of who, what, when, where, and why, which can help guide why we are taking action.

Business with a strong mission. Such as Patagonia, the outdoor clothing and sportswear brand. 

“Create the best products It does not cause unnecessary harm. Use business for inspiration And take action to solve the environmental crisis “

Which in addition to pointing out that “What is the business giving value?” “What action must be taken with those values” through campaigns such as The Footprint Chronicles. A campaign that allows customers to monitor information from the company’s production process to shipping. That how much traces are left or released to the environment Which clearly corresponds to the mission.

3. Make your own strategy

In formulating sustainable business strategies. It is important to ensure that the organization remains “profitable”. Because profit is the primary factor in keeping the business operating. That are different according to the mission of each organization.

In the past, we may have been accustomed to spending money on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities to promote a beautiful image of corporate social and environmental responsibility.

But now with the advancement of technology. As a result, information can spread so quickly that if there is any matter that the society is doubtful about. May be dug until there are almost no good pieces Of course, this is not good for the image of the organization.

Therefore, “sincerity” to conduct business at the same time. Including strategies for social and environmental development. It is considered to create satisfaction for all stakeholders. Whether it is a community, society or even a person in the organization.

If you do not know which direction to go, it may start with a simple matter within the organization. Then expand into a bigger strategy according to its potential. For example, companies generally tend to keep their lights on for the reason that people will come to use them. Think how much energy can be saved. If the last person left the room, always turn off the lights.

Small habits that can be further extended in other areas. It is the starting point of a strategy that will not affect the efficiency within the organization. Can also drive social values ​​along with the environment in the long run.

4. Results

It’s the story of a successful business are about motivate to continue doing good. although at the same time, do not forget to review the results of the work periodically. To ensure that objectives, missions and business progress remain consistent.

Tie it all together in these 4 steps, from objective to outcome. This will create a business that is both efficient and sustainable.

Decentralization&Business trends of Line Thailand in the next era.

As consumer behavior changes, businesses must change accordingly.

Among the changes, that have taken place since the trade war. The exit of the European Union , the spending of digital money ( cryptocurrencies ) until the arrival. COVID-19 that reinforces that The world has reached the end of the trend. Globalization already and is considered an entry Full decentralization.

The lockdown  measures that took place during the COVID-19 crisis have made virtual people increasingly forced to live next to their homes. The technological convenience, communication, living space activities are no longer a boring.

By Nielsen Thailand, which has released new research information about changing trends in behavior of Thai people.  Compare before and after COVID at LINE THAILAND BUSINESS 2020 in mid-October. Found that after COVID activity within the living area. In addition to cleaning the house, cooking, studying by yourself People are paying more attention to Online Shopping and Online Entertainment .

It also found that people began to value the value of the product, not the price, or simply. Cunsumer did not choose to buy products and services just because they were cheap. But look to the features that meet their needs more which caused Thai businesses to have a major strategy change To appease customers with behavior Including these changing ways of thinking.

LINE Thailand vision

There are more than 47 million LINE users currently active in Thailand. But due to the ongoing uncertainty of Global Trend. LINE Thailand sees that decentralization. Which focus on various sub-sectors or customer groups. It is likely to be a business trend in the next era.

LINE therefore focuses on customer data retention , it has to be ” tight ” and ” deep ” enough to know what trends are coming. How will the context of Thailand or Thai consumers change? Including how to do service to meet these needs This will be an opportunity for business people. With 3 more subdivided trends, New Human, New Rule and New Power

New Human, consumer trends and new behaviors

If you think a trend or new habits of consumers (New Rule) is likely to increase steadily to become a New Culture in Thailand inevitable trend on the strength of ” the series’ attack. ” Which can be flipped from a specific preference group To the mainstream behavior of the Thai audience And expanding throughout Asia as a Community larger, leading to a new business model called Y-Economy has.

From the statistical data revealed at LINE Thailand Business 2020, it was found that the number of viewers of the Y series Viewed on the LINE TV platform, there are at least 18.9 million people ( count as 1 user viewed, not the number of views ), which is not at all and may be an opportunity to attract new consumers of this interest. have

New Rule: A new benchmark for data collection.

Undeniable that the Data or client data are extremely important in the sector, be it Purchasing Records include Transaction Records that brand marketers can analyze campaigns or promotions to boost sales. Whether it is with the existing customer base Or new customers But in the past few years, ” Privacy protection is a very important issue around the world. ” The unauthorized secretion of consumer data has become a subject both public and private sectors. Obviously more important.

Data collection via 1 st Party Data or requesting to collect information from customers directly is the solution. Traditionally, data collection on the LINE platform was for information directly from customers. Either from Mission Stickers solutions or from various advertisements on the LINE platform, but in keeping with the CRM or LINE, it’s called BCRM, which mainly helps database management services to maintain customer relationships on LINE OA .

With good response, LINE is emerging as a new solution called MyCustomer that enhances the ability to collect and analyze more comprehensive data. Evolving from being a CRM platform to a CDP or Customer Data Platform or a truly central customer storage platform

The specialty is that ” LINE ‘s CRM system was originally only able to store data and use it on the LINE platform, but as it evolved into CPD, brands began to take outside or branded data. It can be mixed with information collected from LINE and can be used in addition to the LINE platform . “

New Power, influence and power over other regions around the world.

It is shocking that Online product sales channel ( E-Commerce system ), Chat Commerce type, is very popular with Thai consumers, which many countries cannot do.

The LINE has proposed new solutions. It is a service designed for consumers. Including the Thai business sector Can be used in a variety of ways. Which will ask for an example Service food LINE MAN Wongnai start by looking at the ” how to be able to take advantage of LINE Ecosystem most ” is a strategy that penetration to benefit the Restaurant Owner with is not just the delivery of the store to customers. Just look at the people who are the sellers as well.

It is the MyRestaurant solution that allows LINE  marketing operators to fully link to their CRM on LINE . Using a combination of Restaurant Management and Customer Data so that a restaurant or food operator can do it. 

Communication can be both Online and Offline, or simply, there is a management system within the restaurant. 

And connect to customers outside the full range. Which is a plus To pull the merchant side. Especially those who do not have a storefront. You can log in to LINE OA .

” If you have an adult relative who has great recipes. But don’t know how to find a sales channel, just have MyRestaurant, you can open a shop easily “

This does not include any other interesting solutions. Many developed by Thai people in each group of entrepreneurs. Whether it is MyShop, a tool to help improve sales through the online storefront system. LINE Ads Platform (LAP), a platform that can make Advertiser access advertisements on all LINE media . Event Stickers, a solution that allows every business Get inexpensive stickers for data collection tools, and more.

Get to know RPA, a technology that will speed up your work.

There are many types of technologies that use for ranging from Tools, AI, Robot to machines and including technology that helps in the form of Code or Algorithm is a form of work that cannot be seen. 

Today we will be discussing RPA or Robotic Process Automation, which is also considered an invisible and tangible technology.

What is RPA?

RPA, or Robotic Process Automation, is a technology to transform routine operations such as sending emails, making appointments, key filling systems and summarizing reports. To come out as a command format To want more output jobs especially in the form of documents such as the insurance business. Financial business And government agencies

How does RPA work?

RPA is an automated process model that can define a set of instructions so that it can mimic human-computer interactions. When use with AI or Artificial Intelligence. Text Analytics can be analyzed automatically or Image Recognition technology that helps in reading financial documents, etc.

And can also connect Data to every organization to collect data in Real-Time, the RPA system has been developed to be more intelligent. More accurate data synthesis, including Customize to match the job required properly.

When RPA is used instead of people?

The results of the Pwc survey found that RPA can work correctly 100% compared to the accuracy of Manual Work Process caused by Human Error or human error has reached 5%. This is used by more than 45% and saves 65 trillion baht per year in labor costs worldwide.

It is also expected that RPA in the Asia Pacific region will be valued at 2.9 billion baht in the RPA market in 2021 or representing a growth that has surpassed 203%, including in Thailand.

Why is the RPA so interesting?

According to the data. The reason why many organizations choose RPA is because it can help shorten the time. It takes from 15 hours to just 20 minutes.

Examples of RPA being applied to businesses today include.

Applied to the HR department. It manages the list of applicants from 10 hours to 15 minutes and also manages payroll information and HR reports.

Businesses that need an RPA communication system can assist in managing or backing up data over the phone.

RPA can use for debt collection to manage in a channel and at reasonable periods. In order to meet the required repayment.

It is also possible to use RPA in documents. Finally, I would like people with businesses to take a look at the overall flow of all work and analyze. Where technology like RPA can help. To speed up the work and can also help with the cost as well.

How to work with people from the opposite party?

Probably not unusual If the person next to you often behaves like an echo chamber. To see all the good with you But who would have thought that one day, “success” could come from collaborating with thoughtful people. “The opposite,” or who works hard to find information to refute your mind,

from author and businessman Margaret Heffernan TED Talks, she tells the story. It was in Oxford in the 1950s to introduce us to the intriguing thinking of a doctor named Alice Stewart, who discovered some truths that would change the medical field. Forever

First of all I must say that In those days, the ability to build a reputation for himself was able to stand out in the research industry All you have to do is look for difficult problems and solve them.

It is well known that most diseases are associated with poverty. But in the case of childhood cancer, children dying It seems that most of them come from wealthy families.

To find an explanation of the disorder Doctor Alice has studied this matter very seriously.

After she had spent a long time collecting information. She found that there was one statistical value that seemed to be eminently important and could be referenced. “With a two to one ratio of children who die There will be mothers to undergo an X-ray while pregnant. ”

These findings greatly challenge traditional knowledge. Because in those days, X-ray machines were the coolest technology used by almost all living things, including pregnant mothers.

However, after her initial findings were published in the medical journal and made public in 1956, the study did not immediately change the use of X-rays on pregnant women.

In the end, it took her 25 years to convince the medical community to stop using X-ray machines on pregnant women.

How do you know that you are in the right direction?

The process of proving the mind of Doctor Alice over 25 years in the story. It is a collaboration with a statistician named George Neil, who has almost everything opposite personality and mind.

George is responsible for looking at models and statistical figures from different angles. He looks at his work “This creates conflicts around Dr. Alice’s Theory “

because the work is widely accepted. Not trying to find out how cheap it is But have to find mistakes To fill the leak in that work as much as possible Which may seem a bit frustrating But the only way to let you know you’re on the right track. Is to do until they can’t prove you wrong

Work conflicts that occur in the organization.

It is noteworthy that Many people in the organization are unable to build a relationship in the same way that Dr. Alice and George do.

From the survey of European and American executives. It was found that up to 85% of them would have issues or concerns they would not raise at work. Because they are afraid of them to provoke conflicts Leading to an argument that they themselves do not know how to deal with And has a feeling that he may have to lose back

Which was not because he could not But he wasn’t brave enough to do it. And choose to express themselves through conflict avoidance instead That even the final result will see the success of the work as well But may never know how much of a mistake the work has

How to work with people from the opposite party?

You must first understand that “Conflicts are inevitable in work”, so reasoning arguments. To reference therefore considered a good thing And it is better than quiet or letting go, and make sure that the conflict at the event does not affect your personal relationship.

Look for a colleague with completely different ways of thinking and experience. Or if they’re opposites ready to resist neurobiological drives (neurobiological) with you the better But also on the basis of reason Because these matters require a lot of energy and patience.

Have the courage to raise your concerns to speak, practice, and do it over and over again. It might not be useful If the opposite person takes the action on one side and speaking. It will make the other person perceive your thoughts. Which will result in the team being creative In trying to solve problems together

However, to connect with people “Opposite”. Although it is difficult to bring in a life of dissident people or people who are always ready to make mistakes in your work. But in the context of doing business. The team you work with doesn’t have people opposite you May cause cognitive processes to leak holes. Especially if you are a leader who is faced with a big decision.

Wi-Fi technology that is not simple Wi-Fi

We have to admit that in today’s Internet use. Considered to become a normal thing that comes into our daily life already.   But what is important is that the Internet now comes to play and is one of the key business drivers that will facilitate in various fields. For our work as well

When we used the Internet at home, work, or other places. Its must be installed W i-Fi, which was previously considered a very difficult matter. Because there must be a LAN cable to connect the access point as an access point to connect to the router. If we have multiple access points, then there must be a device called Switch to combine the access point cable to connect to the router.

The more is a wide area Such as companies, schools, hotels must have access points in various areas. When installing, we have to walk to each point that has an Access Point. Which takes the IT system staff to take each point to 10-20 minutes.

There is technology to help, which is called Controller.   That we can bring this to next to the Switch and then bring the access Point to connect the Ethernet cable to Swicth where we can adjust the settings on the Controller and will go. Automatically control the settings of each Access Point.

A new product called Juniper (SD-WAN) driven by Mist AI to be replaced by a connected controller.

With Switch as an Access Point, connect to the cloud system and then adjust it at the cloud system. After trying to use it for a while, it was found that Juniper’s Mist AI can do much more than general access points.

Intelligence technology or AI system that can collect user data of the U ser and analyze it when problems arise, we can go in depth details of the Wi-Fi system at the Dashboard to find out. It also detects abnormal behavior on Wi-Fi systems and alerts administrators to recognize them.

Moreover, Marvis Virtual Network Assistant is available to help answer questions when wanting to know the root of the problem.   Which has a function similar to Siri and also has an Indoor Maps system that will locate the person in that area as well. Then the gods of “Marvis” can also alert us to update the device.

Then what are the benefits for the business?

As we said at the beginning, Juniper Wireless Services driven by Mist AI is much more than just Wi-F i. Mist Wi-Fi can manage Wi-Fi system via C loud system, it will save the system administrator’s effort and time IT can take time to do Innovative instead and reduce the cost of hiring additional employees.

To increase satisfaction for businesses that need a co-working space, which requires Wi-Fi service to their customers such as hotels, cafes, Wi-Fi is a necessity of this group of businesses.

Indoor Maps that can track the location of people can use data to analyze the seating arrangement of each department employee to save time walking down. Or can manage inventory by analyzing the products that need to be picked together often Can be placed close to each other

If we integrate a customer journey with a CRM system, there are advantages in that When customers enter the shop, the Access Point will fire a signal to the customer’s smartphone to present a promotion or a marketing campaign of the store.

After trying to use Juniper (SD-WAN) driven by Mist AI for a while.I feel that this technology has allowed us to change our perspective on Wi-F i. That is not just for surf the internet all day. But also can reduce costs Reduce the time of difficult work. Increase productivity and expand your company’s output without increasing the number of people. Whether a business is small or large, it can be applied to the organization. 

Problem of inequality Not just inequality

Keith Payne, a professor of social psychology at the University of North Carolina who studies inequality, spoke on the TED forum about the issue in a way that made us look at inequality in another dimension.

It is well known that the problem of inequality is becoming more severe every day. All may have heard of some very shocking numbers: Eight of the world’s richest people have more assets than the poorest in the world. Three thousand five hundred million people together, etc.

Inequality is the reason people have shorter life. Less happy And there are even more opportunities to enter crime and drug orbit. This is true regardless of poor or rich countries.

In a country as rich as the United States Inequality has also been linked to political conflicts.

Over the past several decades The inequality increases along with the political conflicts that increase.

How are these two stories related?

Although supporters of the Democrat and Republican parties agree that inequality should be mitigated. The political conflicts Causing each other to look at the opposite person, not just the opposite But many people find that those who support each other are ‘stupid’ and are a danger to the country. In this way, finding a common point to find an exit is almost impossible.

Interestingly, Keith Payne noted that If political conflicts and inequality are related. Then We must study both at the same time. Because perhaps the change would have to take place in both dimensions.

First of all, let’s get to know what psychologists call “better than average effect”, a phenomenon that most people believe we are doing better than average in every way. Matters we care about

Most people believe that we have more knowledge, work harder. More than capable or even drive a car better than average

Even if the person lying in the hospital due to a car accident was at fault. I still think I drive better than average.

So most people will see themselves better than the average. But sometimes when the results come out, it isn’t like that. Coping with it is not easy. In any case, it has changed our perspective of the world.

Keith Payne is taking this research seriously. By giving the participants the trial work that uses the idea and the reward from the work that uses the “idea” is money, with everyone receiving the same amount. But no one knows

When done All the people were randomly divided into two groups. The first group was told that they performed better than the average and earned more money than the other group. The second group was told that they performed worse than average. And earn less money than other groups

This made the first group feel “richer” while the second group felt “until” despite the fact that everyone had the same amount of money.

Both groups were asked questions such as how much do you think you are capable of making decisions? The “richer” group said they were more capable than the “until” group when asked if you made more money ( Which actually doesn’t get more). Because of what, the richer group will say that it comes from more effort. And its results are justified.

While that group until said The system is not fair. In which case they are also correct

When asked the state’s tax and welfare question, the “richer” groups say that the taxes on the rich are too much, should be lower. And the welfare of the poor should be cut as well Because those people should “Try harder” for myself

When asked what you think the “until” groups disagree with, the “richer” groups say that “until” people who disagree with their idea of ​​taxes and welfare. Incompetent, biased and selfish

When similar questions are asked to “until” groups, they do not feel that the “richer” group is incompetent, biased, or selfish.

We have not forgotten. That the truth is that everyone has the same amount of money …

But because they feel “richer”, some people think they have more “rights” than others and can “devalue” the thinking of those who disagree with themselves.

This kind of belief that we used to think must be cultivated for a long time. But these few minutes of experimentation show that the feeling of “richer” or “until” really changes our view of the world.

When we accomplish something, it is very easy to stick with ourselves and say that success comes from. Our hard work and abilities are pure. But as we can see from the research that People who work hard are not always meant to “succeed.”

Shai Davidai and Tom Gilovich, two psychologists. Previous research was called The headwinds / tailwinds asymmetry: An availability bias in assessments of barriers and blessings.

By the research said During our lives we strive for something. It’s like we’re walking “against the wind”, and what we see is full of obstacles. And the obstacles are just things as you can see and remember.

While at some point in our lives we walk “chasing the wind,” it can mean luck or a system that is favorable to us. When we walk this ‘by the wind’, all we see is ‘myself’ and amazing abilities. Few people will feel the wind pushing us.

If we see it like this, I believe The next time we “label” someone who says they are stupid, lazy or incompetent. 

Perhaps we will need to revisit how much we have had in our lives that “wind” has pushed. How many times has “good luck” brought us out of a bad situation?

If you look at this point of view, we believe that we will not judge people who disagree with us that they are. Incompetent, biased or just acting for oneself We will see the world more realistically, and I believe we will understand more that. There are many others that he tried just like us. But with social structure, rules, and even luck, he doesn’t come as far as ours.

If you understand like this We will be more kind to others. While our own ego will decrease as well

We should live in this world more “understanding” and “happiness”. 

Amidst the competition in developing vaccines for COVID-19

Because if any country produces vaccines that work well before others. It will be the owner of the “weapons” that are essential to building power and political charisma in the country and abroad. But which vaccines will be the main target this time?

Regardless of how great the society is at the awareness, prevention and treatment of COVID-19. Until you can say that you are in control. But that is just win battles. The real victory is the win the war is not yet born. If it were to happen, an effective vaccine would need to be released.

The latest good news is that as of April 15, 2020, the world number of vaccines has reached 86 volunteers to fight this war!

Most of the information for today’s writing comes from the latest issue of The Economist (18-2 April 2020), a 176-year highly respected British global weekly magazine covering everything, especially economy, politics, society, business, science, etc. 9 hundred thousand each, and are still available in digital form to 1.6 million members.

All 86 vaccines are currently in different trials. Are competing vigorously. Because which country produces vaccines that work well before others? With high immunity performance It is easy to produce, fast, cheap and safe. That it will become the owner of the most important “weapons” in building political power and prestige in the country and abroad. Build diplomatic power and create important bargaining power. And most importantly, it will receive great admiration from all over the world.

The virus that troubles the world, SARS-CoV-2 (belonging to the Corona family and a sibling to the SARS -CoV virus that causes SARS).

The good news is that there are no less than 6 pre-vaccinated vaccines and possibly more than one before the end of August this year.

which can be confirmed as a practical vaccine, ie, it has the characteristics mentioned above. Bad news, the Gates Foundation’s Melinda Gates works for charity. Public health, which is involved in many vaccines on a global scale, indicates that it is ready to be seriously injected into the world. It can take up to 18 months from the present.

Even if I can tell which one is a practical vaccine (s), why would it take more than a year to reach the hands of the world? Can not accelerate faster? Which nation will the “favorite” vaccine be? And what kind of production method is there?

The heart of every vaccine is antigens, because they stimulate the body to produce antibodies and other responses. 

In this case, when SARS-Cov-2 penetrates into the body, the vaccine has been used to stimulate the immune system. (Through biological processes After the previous vaccination), the virus will be suppressed. They are not sick and are not carriers of germs to spread to people who have not been injected. In this way, it would be possible to “win the war” through the path that had fought other pandemics. In the past

The traditional vaccine has three methods: (1) using certain strains of the organism or similar that have become so crippled that the sick cannot enter the body to induce immunity, such as a vaccine Measles, mumps, rubella (2) use this inactive strain to build immunity, such as polio and influenza vaccines (3) use antigen related to the disease, such as extracting the blood of a person who has had the disease. It’s a vaccine like hepatitis B

Once the “war-fighting” vaccine was acquired, it had to be tested on animals (Called the pre-clinic) such as mice, monkeys, etc., and when confident that it can be used with people as well. It will start producing vaccines to pass human trials, which has 3 steps, that is, the first step to ensure that it is safe. The second step is to ensure that immunity is actually activated and the last step. Is that it has efficacy, it has a real prophylactic effect

It’s difficult to come up with a vaccine as a prototype, but proving it’s true is even more difficult. It took a long time to get permission. 

(There are national, regional and WHO governance organizations.) The Ebola vaccine, which is extremely deadly, is fully accelerated and all three stages take up to 10 months to reach substantial production.

All 86 COVID vaccines are in different stages of testing. Some are still in the testing stage with animals. At present, there are 3 of them that are most advanced and can be considered a favorite The second most important progressive prototype vaccine is CanSino Biological and Beijing Institute of Biotechnology. Which belongs to china

The second prototype is still in the experimental phase 1, with similar progress from Moderna (America) / Inovio Pharmaceuticals (America) / and Oxford University. 

“Oxford” signed in Thailand A production base for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Good news ! Thailand have been vaccinated cattle wid -19 order of the world. After Oxford signed to use Thailand as a production base.

Ms. Trisulee Traisanakul, Deputy Spokesman for the Office of the Prime Minister, revealed that the government under the leadership of Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Pay attention to the health of Thai people With efforts to shift pressure on the Thai people It is the first country in the world to receive the COVID- 19 vaccine, most recently Anutin Charnvirakul.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health Sign a Letter of Intent for the production and allocation of a research vaccine against COVID-19. Together with the University of Oxford, the vaccine developed by Oxford University will use Thailand as a production base. In which the production of the vaccine Oxford University is constantly evolving and making great progress. Starting to experiment with humans.

For this cooperation, Thai and Oxford Will use the company’s factory. Siam BioScience Co., Ltd. is the source of vaccine By signing this time Received cooperation with the coordination of SCG. 

Which is a long-standing partner in research and innovation with the University of Oxford And in the said letter of intent Oxford University also granted Thailand the right to distribute vaccines to ASEAN countries. 

Showing that Thailand has the potential to Public health has the ability to serve as a production base for the COVID-19 vaccine. Which is important to the world population And will make Thais receive the vaccine as the first country in the world. This represents another step forward in the domestic supply of research vaccines. Which will increase the confidence of the people And the recovery of the Thai economy

In addition, the government has prepared several vaccines, including international advance reservations.

 And support domestic vaccine production In order to get the vaccine quickly and in time for the situation Reduce economic losses With the view that the vaccine It is important to control COVID-19. Which are still spreading around the world now.

In preparing public health and dealing with COVID-19 The government has prepared the budget. Which apart from the allocation of a credit line of 1 trillion baht that has been allocated for public health used.

 Including vaccine development at 45 billion baht, about 40 billion baht in the central budget was allocated in 2021 to tackle the COVID-19 epidemic.