What is Hadoop?

Speaking of Big Data, the first name that many people will think of is Hadoop. What is Hadoop?

Hadoop, formally known as Apache Hadoop, is a software framework for managing large data sets and distributed processing on a computer cluster.

Personally, I view Hadoop as a computing and data storage platform because it has two main functions:

  • Storage management
  • Manage computing resource management

And I say that Hadoop is a platform because Hadoop allows us to build programs to run on Hadoop using the resources provided by Hadoop.

Hadoop is made up of four key components:

  • Common – is a centralized libraries and utilities that support the functionality of other modules in Hadoop.
  • Distributed File System (HDFS) – It is a distributed file system that allows users to easily manage large files.
  • YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator) – A framework for job scheduling and resource management on the Hadoop cluster.
  • MapReduce – MapReduce is a programming model or programming paradigm designed to write programs for parallel processing. Simply put, we can write programs to run on multiple computers at the same time in our Hadoop cluster.

Hadoop Architecture

The hero that made Hadoop known has two parts: HDFS and YARN.

It is a file system that manages the data files within the Hadoop Cluster system by dividing the files into pieces (blocks). And distributing each block to be stored on different machines in the cluster. In clustering to guarantee that if an event in a cluster fails.

By using the user, the system can see the drive or access the files in HDFS with only one location. (In fact, files are distributed and stored on multiple machines.) Users do not need to know how many machines there are in a cluster. When we keep a lot of files and less storage space. We were able to add a new computer to the Hadoop cluster (Horizontal Scaling) to free up file storage space without shutting down the system.

YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator) and MapReduce.

Hadoop YARN is a resource (memory and process) manager within the Hadoop Cluster, acting like a housekeeper, scheduling tasks to run smoothly in the Hadoop system. Especially the work that is Map Reduce.

Apache Hadoop YARN

All programs written in MapReduce Model will run entirely on YARN. The programmer does not have to write programming hassle to manage the resources in the system as before because YARN manages the resources.

The Hadoop Ecosystem

Several software solutions that have evolved into the Hadoop ecosystem. Each of which represents the unique capabilities of Hadoop to deliver performance. As shown in the example below.

  • ZooKeeper – A service traffic management assistant distributed on the Hadoop Cluster as a housekeeper for Hadoop programs or services.
  • STORM – A processor that manages streaming data or real-time data.
  • Solr Lucene – a full-text search or HDFS-based search engine.
  • Mahout – A collection of tools for managing machine learning tasks and mathematical models.
  • Hive – This is an SQL engine that query data with sql commands, runs on MapReduce for those familiar with querying data in sql.
  • Pig – is a platform used for data management services. They have easy-to-understand instructions or high-level language programming. It also relies on the ability to execute from the MapReduce framework or even run in Spark mode.
  • Spark – Cluster computing framework, used to build large-scale data processing applications. It has a function similar to MapReduce, but Spark works in-memory unlike MapReduce, which requires a disk.
  • HBase – A non-RDBMS database system that stores data on HDFS
  • Cassandra – A NoSQL database system that handles big data , offers scalability.
  • Flume – A tool capable of handling log data including collection, aggregation, and transferring of large log data that is streaming.
  • Kafka – Real-time transmission and transmission wizard capable of handling large streaming data.
  • Sqoop – A data transfer wizard between RDBMS and Hadoop. Can import data from legacy database to Hadoop or export data from Hadoop to database.

How does Hadoop handle big data?

As in the previous article, there are four types of big data (4Vs) that we have to deal with. Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Veracity. Hadoop can expand the system. Horizontal scale.We can add a simple machine or PC to the Hadoop cluster to easily expand the disk space, memory space , computing power.

  • V1: Volume – Hadoop has the ability to handle large volumes of data comfortably since Hadoop has HDFS than above. That can support large files, plus there are many ecosystems that can handle data that are likely to increase like HBase or Cassandra, etc.
  • V2: Velocity – Rapid increase in data rate gain. Data that flows into streaming or manage data in real-time, Hadoop has tools to manage these things like Storm or Kafka.
  • V3: Variety – Variety of information. There are many forms of information in the system. With HDFS, we can handle all kinds of file formats. When it comes to unstructured or scalable data (such as XML or JSON), we can store this kind of data with the capabilities of a NoSQL database like Cassandra.
  • V4: Veracity – The Reliability section of the data. This requires the ability of a data scientist or a data scientist to manage or decide whether.
  • V5: Value —V The last V-Value is the value obtained from information. Or making information useful to users. We need to use our Machine Learning or Data Mining knowledge to generate new knowledge from the vast amounts of data we collect. Hadoop also has an ecosystem that facilitates us. There are tools or libraries to help you build machine learning models.

Why is Hadoop so popular with Big Data?

Low cost computing system – Hadoop is an open-source software that we can download for free. With the terms of Apache License 2.0 and Hadoop, it can run on normal computers such as home PCs or old notebooks, it can be made as a Hadoop Cluster, not necessarily a server.

Effective Ecosystem – Hadoop provides a suite of powerful ecosystem programs. In addition to being free There are also many great helper programs included, including Hive, HBase, Pig, Spark, Sqoop, and many others.

Easy-to-Scale – We can easily add nodes to a Hadoop Cluster without much time consuming and money.


Hadoop is a software framework designed specifically to deal with Big Data, so it can meet almost every big data requirement.The ecosystem also has great tools for developers to use or develop. Plus save money but it does not seem suitable for average users. Installing and running Hadoop requires quite deep IT knowledge in System Admin and Software Development to be able to deploy Hadoop effectively.

Social Robot, an AI robot that shows human-like emotions

At the RISE Conference in Hong Kong on 8-11 July last. Furhat Social Robot was launched by Samer Al Moubayed, co-founder of Furhat Robotics, and performed the first demonstration of the robot on stage in Asia. Which drew a lot of attention from the attendees.

Samer co-founded Furhat Robotics in Stockholm. Sweden in 2014 with the idea of ​​creating a robot that can interact with humans as if they were real humans. Make the user feel as though they are chatting with a familiar friend. Since AI technology has advanced a lot and voice assistant tools are in widespread use. Samer sees them as being convenient for users, but without human touch or human interaction. It missed opportunities to build relationships with users. Because every function is just a command for the system to work without interacting to create a new and memorable experience for the user. 

For example Coffee ordering with barista staff in which. If the service staff are smiling and smiling, remember our name, we will unknowingly feel good about that brand. Unlike ordering coffee with an automatic machine. Which we expect only convenience, speed and accuracy

It is at this point that Samer sees it as an opportunity to develop new robots capable of expressing human-like interactions. It is a combination of social and technology. When fully developed, can be used in a wide range of applications, enhancing human-robot interaction.  

How is Furhat different from other familiar robots?

The difference is clear. In addition to AI intelligence, Furhat can interact with humans in a way that is similar to humans, that is, not just the interaction of instructions. Instead, it can talk, joke, joke, tell stories, express facial expressions, express feelings, nod, look in the eyes, or dodge when nervous. Furhat adjusts its interactions based on the user’s facial expressions and gestures based on the analysis of data from the attached camera. Inside, Furhat can detect when to stop speaking and listen. Or when should you respond Such technology allows social robots to interact with humans in complex situations unlike conventional robots.

A robot is typically built to perform a specific task, such as a delivery robot. Serves only delivery. There was no discussion, in Furhat’s case, the founding team had not been able to have a clear objective since its inception of what it was used for. It turns out that it has evolved over time and found that can use in many use cases because it has evolved to be human-like.

So what can furhat do?

Talk naturally Show facial expressions that respond to the user’s reaction.

There is human-like movement, making good UX. Support 40 languages.

Change face to change character instantly. Since the face area is a screen, the front is not part of the hardware, so you can choose whether you want it to be a woman or a man. This is a feature that Samer thinks is important, because real-world use in each situation requires a different type of robot. Used in the hospital, it should look reliable. If used in service work, it should look beaming.And many more being developed and tried

Use case What are the current applications of Furhat?

Samer said the organization can use Furhat to do anything that has to do with communicating with people. There are big name organizations that have already started trials with Furhat, including Disney, Honda, Deutsche Bahn and the Merck Group.

Examples of interesting use cases include

Customer service / concierge Furhat is deployed at Frankfurt Airport and the train station at Berlin in Germany. To help answer questions and provide advice to tourists It solves the problem of non-fluent English speaking people who are lost and unable to find information. Furhat speaks 40 languages ​​and offers real-time travel information, facilitating travelers from all over the world.

Unbiased interview helps HR interview the job and helps to reduce time constraints.

because HR usually has problems with scheduling interviews. Finding the perfect time is difficult and HR has a limited time in 1 day. Can interview at most a few people But if it is a robot, it can work 24 hours a day. Helping to provide first-round HR screening.There is also the advantage for organizations to ensure that interviews are compliant. Without prejudice, for example in some countries where people are deprived. Different religions or choose men over women In this case, the use of a test robot is measured at unbiased capacity.

Medical screening As you know, medical personnel are limited. Whereas the population is large Therefore robots were used to answer questions and screening patients. Ask in-depth questions to diagnose symptoms early before they spread. Provide basic advice in less serious cases. So that medical facilities can certify a large number of patients.

Will having robots like this make more people lose their jobs?

It comes to an important question that is the hot topic of this age that many people fear that. They will lose their job because of robots. He did not create Furhat as a replacement for human work. Rather, it is intended to be a smart assistant that can help humans in a variety of situations. 

It’s a robot that creates a new kind of user experience that AI chatbot or smart speakers can’t. So that humans can have more time to spend and can focus on creative work. That requires humanity Use skills that a robot can’t do It is therefore important that we keep developing new skills and focus on skills that robots cannot do.
For example, he does not want robots to replace HR employees. He wants robots to reduce this part of HR so that HR will have time spent planning HR events for organizational development. Arrange personnel to suit the business unit Create an organization culture Chat collecting information from people in the organization. 

The role of AI (Artificial intelligence) in digital marketing.

Go see the AI (artificial intelligence or AI) from the past in order to understand the origin and meaning of all this.

Many of us may not know that this term started when the term  artificial intelligence was thought up in smoke. 

Prof . 1956 by  John McCarthy during the conference for the first time. But understanding the possibilities that machines will have thinking Has started since before that.

Here is a brief history of  AI  in the old days.
  • Year c . AD . 1920 , published Rossum’s Universal Robots (RUR) by Karek Capek , a science fiction about a factory that built the robot and the first word robot was created.
  • Year c . AD . 1942 Alan Turing encryption is complex, which is used as a communication of the Nazis. Become a prototype for building computers with algorithms and computation logic.
  • Year c . AD . 1956 is the  Dartmouth conference , a workshop, a first for AI and has established branches AI up by the researchers gathered to established research on AI and the later it is done. A larger research project came up as well.
  • Year c . AD . 1974 is the first event of the termination of an AI (AI Winter) in respect of research by the US and Britain.
  • And later, the focus on AI is back again with the name of Expert Systems that can answer questions , solve problems and provide knowledge that is specific.
  • Year c . AD . 1981 has been a major part , 93% were designed from the VAX 9000 CPU logic gates by the final design of the CPU can calculate and give better results than a human expert.

The second round of focus on AI came in the late 80’s , a time where financial troubles began.

Fast forward to the future  

Artificial intelligence Has proven its ingredients and importance in this age of digital marketing. A large number of emerging. Businesses (startups) and e-commerce are investing in AI to leverage their businesses and deliver better customer experiences.

Global businesses such as Amazon and Apple are also using AI to manage the use of speech technology to market. By using the platform, Alexa or Siri , which aims to help Remodel ” buying behavior ” of the customer purchase decision better.

From the previous year there was a huge shift to the digital age that uses today’s knowledge and technology.

This rapidly changing industry and market needs to be transformed by the latest AI .
  • The advantages of  AI  for your business 
  • AI  helps create better content
  • Voice search
  • Help target advertising
  • Program to help answer chats  (chatbots)
  •  Retargeting marketing
  • Foresight to serve customers
  • Marketing automation
  • Dynamic email
  • Help analyze from forecast
  • Personal use of content

Artificial intelligence is the digital revolutionary tool that has helped shape this emerging digital marketing. This has been proven by a variety of innovations, such as in content creation, AI has become invaluable and can be used for the development of innovative algorithms to make content more interesting.  


As AI technology continues to advance Marketers thus have the opportunity to understand and build relationships with their customers at a more attractive level. This will help them improve their access to personal information. Until they become more proficient in developing customized shopping experiences. The information provided by AI should be used in the right way , clearly identifying and knowing what kind of content customers want to get from the brand. This will be a positive impact that will make life better. 

Election basics

A general election has been launched, which was brought about by the three-party agreement of the civilian public. The media are reporting the “differences in policy” of political parties like every day, but perhaps the people do not know what it is. There is also a wide range of fraudulent explanations. When it comes to the accumulation. There are misfortunes of the Japanese people.

Did the people forget that they made a big mistake by having an election to choose a policy?

Seven years ago, overwhelming majority of people chose “privatization of the postal service,” which was said by Prime Minister Koizumi to be “the first policy of the first reform.” I assumed that it was a policy to reform Japan.

US ended the “Soviet containment strategy” by the end of the Cold War.

It is no longer necessary to cooperate with the development of the Japanese economy, which was essential for the “Soviet containment strategy.” Rather, he came to think of a strategy to extort accumulated wealth from Japan. Which has been pursuing only economic growth by riding the US-Japan security for free.

What happened to the “privatisation of the postal service” that was chosen by the overwhelming majority of the people seven years ago?

It was reviewed under the Democratic government. After the change of government, the Democratic Party government abolished the “Annual Reform Request Form” and approved the “Postal Service Privatization Reform Act” in April of this year.

Only three LDP members opposed the “reform law” in their vote. Even the legislators who became “thugs” who rejected LDP members who opposed privatization in that election were in agreement. Almost all of the LDP members who enthusiastically appealed to the “privatization of the postal service” returned their palms. The outcome of the elected elections is so empty.

 It is not easy to identify the authenticity even arranging policies. There are many cases where a policy that can explain anything in the mouth is deceived. It is more important to give an image of what kind of society we aim for as a result of individual policies. But if there are twelve political parties, it is difficult to distinguish it.

So what should we choose in the election?

Next to policy is to choose an individual. However, even in a short-term election of 12 days, it is difficult to distinguish it. In particular, there is no way to know the qualities of new members. In the end, the current parliamentarians are overwhelmingly advantageous. For a long term like the US presidential election, it is possible to judge the ability to execute and humanity from the viewpoint of enduring various attacks. However, as in Japan, even if the names are called consecutively, the individual qualities are unknown.

Then what should we do. First of all, it is necessary to erase the media reports from your mind and return to the basics of elections. As for the basics, first consider why the election was held. Second, the criteria for elections should be whether life has become easier or harder. If it becomes easier, continue the current politics.

If you feel distressed, cast a vote to change the current situation.

Even if the government does not change with one vote, if the number of opposition votes increases, the government will reconsider policies.

I think it is normal to vote with the second idea in a democratic country that repeats the change of government. The administration will not change. However, if more than half are dissatisfied, the administration will change. This is the basis of democratic elections. However, in Japan, which did not know about the change of government, the old election was a service battle without policy, and the reaction then put emphasis on only “policy”, and “blinding” elections that cheat the people It came to rampage.

 Therefore, it is the first of the basics.

The reason for the election is clear. This is because the three parties, democratic, Liberal, and Komei, agreed to the consumption tax hike and passed the bill. Although he sang a reform with social security, he left the content of social security unclear and decided to increase the tax and questioned the people. I think the people have been licked a lot, but if you are still in favor of the consumption tax, you should vote for one of the three LDP parties. If not, vote for other parties. This is the core of this election.

However, the 3 Liberal-Democratic Party is arranging other policies to prevent the public from paying attention to the consumption tax and pretending that they are not one. This is a typical “blind” approach. The 3 Liberal Democratic Party believes that it can easily trick by changing the eyes of the stupid people. However, even if they scream and make a difference. The three parties can only engage in politics after joining the elections.

The important thing in voting is the post-election regime.

It is the power of numbers that implements the policy, which determines the actual politics. It is confirm that the three parties of the Liberal Democratic Party will work together to increase consumption tax. On the other hand, in other projects.

Therefore, it is not correct to call the Japan Restoration Society the “third pole.” Powers that do not fight with the civilian public should call “complementary powers” rather than “third poles.”

 If you decide the current situation or not, choose the political party that suits your feeling from each group. I will look at the policies arranged at that time. Isn’t this the basis of the election? If we focus on many policies and emphasize only the differences like this election. The framework of the post-election regime and the core part of the consumption tax hike will disappear.

Verstappen wins 70th anniversary GP, Stroll finishes sixth

SILVERSTONE – Max Verstappen doesn’t want to drive ‘like a grandmother’.
This is what the Red Bull driver told his team over the airwaves as he chased down the Mercedes for the rare time. His daring eventually paid off, securing him victory at the Grand Prix marking the 70th anniversary of Formula 1 on Sunday.

Verstappen’s victory thus ended Mercedes ‘dominance this season, and he took second place in the Drivers’ Championship with 77 points, four more than Valtteri Bottas. Lewis Hamilton is still first, with 107.

This victory came in particular thanks to an irreproachable strategy in the management of the tires of his Red Bull. An aspect that had played tricks on many drivers last week including Hamilton. Who had triumphed on three wheels after a puncture.

“I wasn’t expecting it, but after the first pit stop we seemed to be in a good position with our tires,” Verstappen admitted.

It is an incredible result; we have just had a splendid day, everything went perfectly. ”

The Dutch rider therefore signed his first victory this season. His ninth in his career – after having edged Hamilton by 11.236 seconds at the finish line. Bottas completed the podium, at 19.231 seconds.

“It was quite a challenge. We didn’t expect our tires to degrade like this. I’m sure the team will redouble their efforts to resolve this problem, which has never been seen before, ”noted Hamilton, who took the opportunity to equal Michael Schumacher with 155 career podiums in F1.

Verstappen’s victory thus ended Mercedes’ streak of four wins in 2020, as Bottas won the first race in Austria. While Hamilton took the honors of the next three in Austria, Hungary and Great Britain. , last week.

“It is very frustrating. Starting from pole and finishing third is not ideal. As soon as I started pushing, my tires deteriorated. There was a lot of wear on our tires, unlike Red Bull, ”said Bottas, visibly disappointed.

Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) and Alexander Albon (Red Bull) completed the top-5, in order.

Quebecer Lance Stroll followed in sixth place, while his Racing Point teammate Nico Hulkenberg finished seventh. It was the German’s second racing weekend in as many weeks, as Sergio Perez was forced to step down temporarily after being diagnosed positive for COVID-19.

“We [Nico and I] briefly ended up in fourth and fifth, but it was clear Leclerc was able to complete the race with just one save, and the Red Bulls were very quick today,” said Stroll. We nevertheless collected good points, thanks to a very good strategy. ”

Had it not been for the problems with his tires at the end of the race, Hulkenberg would have managed to finish the race ahead of Stroll.

“We had to get into the pits, even though I had the toughest tires. I observed significant signs of degradation on my rear tires and the vibration became so persistent that after two or three days I was out of control. I don’t think the tires would have held up to the end, ”said Hulkenberg, who was unable to start last week due to a mechanical problem.

After the race, L’Équipe newspaper reported that Racing Point received a reprimand from the FIA ​​for using the same braking systems – for which the FIA ​​sanctioned it on Friday – as since the start of the season. Stroll and Hulkenberg were able to retain their classification points, however.

Nicholas Latifi, for his part, finished 19th at the wheel of his Williams. The Torontonian is still trying to score his first career point in the F1 World Championship.

“I think our result does not represent what we have achieved; we had problems with our rear tires on the left side, forcing us to make a third stop, explained Latifi. I’m a little disappointed (with the result), but the pace was there. ”

The F1 season will continue next weekend with the Spanish Grand Prix

Electric cars may have 550 million vehicles by 2040 How will the oil-energy business in Thailand ?

Electric cars may have 550 million vehicles by 2040 How will the oil-energy business in Thailand ?

When the world turned to the development of electric cars Until now. There are electric cars that can actually use the road. The main price of million baht is beginning to be seen. And this industry is likely to expand more and more. But will it cause stagnation of the energy and automobile businesses?

Where is Thailand? When Europe – China Flocked to invest in the production of electric vehicle batteries, the main hundred thousand million baht.

Open 3 reasons people (still) do not buy electric cars: charge and run not far – expensive – less charging station

A must-have charging station And charge fast

Electric cars will be cheaper Makes it grow faster. Expected year 2040 may have 150-550 million vehicles worldwide.

Economic and Business Research Center Thailand Commercial Bank (SCB EIC) said that electric cars are currently around 5 million vehicles worldwide , accounting for 0.4% of cars worldwide by the end of 2018, there were 2 million vehicles, a nation. Electric car sales highest is China’s ratio of 55%, followed by the United States  accounted for 18% of global sales of electric cars.

The reason why electric cars will grow rapidly is because Prices tend to be lower. Due to many factors, including 1) lower battery prices 2) electric cars have Competitive performance with gasoline-powered cars (Internal combustion car or ICE ), 3) government promotion policy, 4) green energy to reduce carbon emissions, and 5) more related infrastructure developments such as electric charging stations and charging times.

In addition, many countries have turned down policies to gradually reduce fuel vehicles, such as France, Taiwan, Canada, planning to stop using petrol cars by 2040, causing electric cars to slow down, causing electric cars to become more dominant until many agencies. The number of electric vehicles is expected to grow 17-26% annually and by 2040 it is expected that there are 150-550 million electric vehicles in the world, accounting for 31% -55% of total car sales.

In Thailand, there are specialized electric

cars. Approximately 120,000 passenger cars represent only 1.2% of the total number of passenger cars nationwide. Which the government supports businesses in many ways Both income tax exemption Investment support, etc. Make 2036 expected that there are about 1.2 million electric cars, there are 690 charging stations nationwide. 

Electric cars are traction. Demand oil, reduce business sector, accelerate adaptation.

After this, the trend of using electric cars will increase. At the same time, gasoline-powered cars released new models that Save energy and use less energy , so the demand for fuel in the world fell by Wood Mackenzie estimated that in the period of 10 years  World oil demand will grow at a slower rate. The demand for fuel will To peak around 2035 and then gradually going down in the end.

So now see the business sector Large oil companies Adjust strategies to invest in businesses related to electric power. From upstream to downstream such as renewable energy (solar, wind), clean energy , battery, energy storage ), electric vehicle charging station. Most of them are affiliated with startups such as the world’s biggest oil companies such as BP and Shell that invest in startups, doing business in infrastructure, charging electric vehicles, etc.

The Chevron invests in startup developing battery technology and energy storage by business, big oil, create new business opportunities and risks in the oil business, the core business of their own.

How are giant companies in Thailand adapting?

Thai oil and petrochemical companies And large companies planning to expand into new businesses  such as setting up electric charging stations and battery-related businesses.

In addition, PTT .Open electric charging stations (PTT EV Station) and 14 of and further develop the electric charger Wall (EV Wall Charger) for distribution to retail electric car users. It has also entered into a collaboration with 6 major automobile manufacturers to jointly develop electric vehicle technology.

Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited or Bangchak invests in lithium mining in Argentina.

 Expected to begin production in April. – May 2020 to January..  2019 some investment cranked up a lean spell names of states , which specializes in technology, manufacturing lithium batteries for use in electric cars. It can support 10 times faster charging of energy.
Bangchak will expand its technology to make a quick charge station as fast as fueling and has a joint investment plan with the Provincial Electricity Authority. Install electric charging stations in Bangchak all around 100 kilometers. Along the main road, a total of 62 stations by 2021.

Additionally , Caltex Susco has installed its own charging stations within some of its pumps. Under the trademark EA Anywhere of Pure Energy Company To increase energy options for domestic electric vehicle users

While other businesses have turned to electric vehicle development, such as CP All installed electric car chargers in front of the Seven Eleven 21 stores, Robinson Department Store, TCC Group, ACT car service center and Cockpit equipped with charging stations. Local electricity to expand services for customers.

However, related businesses. With an interesting electric car Business lead battery recycling (reuse) because of the lifespan of the battery electric vehicle is approximately 8-10 years when it expires. Then it becomes waste generated pollution, the electric vehicle battery is dead. There are also underway. Up to 70% of the power can recycle as a second-life battery to store electricity storage .

Thus, in 2019, automakers  such as Toyota will use expired Prius hybrid batteries to store electrical energy from 7-11 stores in Japan. While Nissan will use batteries from Nissan Leaf vehicles to use electric poles . Illuminates the streets of Namie near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant,  restore after the tsunami. That happened in 2011


Electric vehicle trends are emerging all over the world. Prices come down to the million baht, easier to access. But this industry will lead to energy and oil businesses, perhaps becoming less important. The best solution is not to keep doing the same things but to try new opportunities. In order not to deteriorate the existing business from the forefront of the country or the world

Electric Vehicle, an innovation for the environment

Is fuel energy really running out of the world? What will we use to drive vehicles? Will there be any renewable energy , And will come out for us to use when the answer to everything that suspect immediately disappeared. When the world launch electric vehicle that is both energy efficient. Because in addition to not using fuel, it is also environmentally friendly. It can be said that it is a very strong innovation. 

            Although electric cars launched for a while But there are many people who do not yet know how good this car is. Its replace previous cars Is it true? Including many concerns in this electric car but as well. There are still a lot of people interested and ready to use it almost as soon as the electric vehicle launches. Which Thailand itself, Electric Vehicle or electric car It was officially launched earlier this year.

What is an EV electric car ?

            The EV car is fully known as Electric Vehicle, literally translated as electric car. Adapted from using only diesel or gasoline engines. Let’s develop the engine and electric battery to work more efficiently. Although diesel engines are still being produced And stay gasoline But the direction of the EV car is also growing.

Get to know EV cars

            EVs are vehicles that are driven by an electric motor instead of a combustion engine. It uses the power from electricity instead of using oil, water or other energy. The electric train system stores energy in a rechargeable battery. And convert energy from batteries to use to drive cars. In addition, EV cars do not have to have a mechanism that is much like driving like a car that uses gasoline. Which requires the use of combustion ignition to drive Make the engine quiet And there is no exhaust from burning energy, electric cars can be categorized into several types as the name suggests. And a group of driving energy Since the use of fuel alone Until the use of the electric system alone to drive There are also Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCV) that are powered by hydrogen. And is expected to reach the market within a day At present,

EV cars can be categorized into 3 types:

1. Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)

It is a vehicle that uses energy mixed with Common fuel And electric power from batteries. These cars have lower fuel consumption than that of a single engine. Because when the car brake pedal. Some of the energy store in the battery. 

2. A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV).

This type of car has a Fuel oil And electrical systems as well as hybrid cars  into an external charger or plug-in, so when plugged in to charge the car can go much more distances than traditional hybrid systems. And used batteries can also recharge to store the charge as needed And when the battery is depleted, the car behaves similarly to a hybrid system (HEV).

3. Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs)

These electric vehicles are similar to those of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), only with large batteries. Which is the only main energy source.  Can classify according to the use of this type of electric vehicle.

What are alternative energy?

            Nowadays, energy technology has become a popular choice for many consumers abroad. Including some consumers in Thailand Among those various options. Today we offer 3 technologies of cars. Which has been the most talked about at the moment which are

Hybrid energy vehicles power by a combination of the internal combustion engine and electric power from the motor. There will be a system to automatically calculate what kind of engine will be used to drive the engine.

Hydrogen vehicles are advance technologies that produce energy through chemical processes. Causing the fusion of hydrogen and oxygen. The process generates very little pollution. But the price is very high as well, making it impossible to produce for commercial use.

The advantages of electric cars

            The savings that are available than that of an electric car. The average amount of travel payable in kilometers, an EV can go up compared to a motorized car for the same cost. There may be no more in the future. But turned into a charging station. What you do regularly when listening to the news is announcing a change in fuel costs. In the future, there is no need to worry that the oil will rise Have to hurry out and fill The only thing to worry about is when you get to bed. Did you forget to plug in the power cable to your car?

Pollution is zero

            “When there is no burning Pollution does not exist. “The dream of city people who want to breathe fresh air Walk beside the road, traffic jam.  It still can breathe full of air when everyone turns to electric cars. Although not in a short time to come. But it wouldn’t be too long to be able. Due to its popularity and pollution awareness as well. It is partly that Tesla, a full-fledged electric vehicle, not a Hybrid, or a Plug-In, achieves more rapid success than expected. Until the big size of the automobile industry, such as Toyota, has to urgently study and create this technology. 

According to the latest news, in a partnership with Mazda, Denso to accelerate the development of the EV to meet the needs. In response to the popularity of this type of car, Tesla has achieved immense success with cross-year bookings.

Cheaper maintenance

            Traditional engine That needs to burn users may have a headache with the maintenance of equipment parts. That helps in the combustion of the engine, spark plugs, wires, oil injectors. The alternate or the replacement period when the car is used for a while. But electric cars have less fussy parts to work. All drives are electric motors and batteries. Motorized braking system increases the friction while braking makes the parts of the system works less Less wear and, of course, cheaper maintenance as well.

            According to Bloomberg’s New Energy Finance research, it pointed out that Cost the price of electric batteries tends to decline. Which resulted in the future electric car prices in the United States and Europe. It will be cheaper than traditional gasoline-powered cars, and in Thailand it is impossible to produce EVs or EV batteries. The lower battery cost may ease the concern of many people’s decision to use Hybrid or EV cars, and these design batteries to last longer, possibly longer to lose. Until the owner of the car bored and changed to another car as well

Quieter driving

            But before the cars produced for sale were all competing in silence in the cabin. Until about options Various technology Coming in, causing manufacturers to ignore this part But users are not worried about the noise problem coming from the engine, as EVs with electric motors are much quieter, almost indistinguishable with the motor being stuck.